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Getting To The Thinking Behind Words

GETTING TO THE THINKING BEHIND THE WORDS ~By Shawn Dwyer and Dr Michael.Hall~ Perhaps the most obvious thing about coaching is that to coach you have to use words. Since coaching is a conversation, you begin a “coaching conversation” by asking a question,”What do you […]

Self actualisation coaching

Why Train Self -Actualisation In Companies?

What is Training Self-Actualisation for Companies? Training self-actualisation for companies entails a transformative approach to organisational development, emphasising holistic growth, and alignment with purpose. This is not for the faint hearted, and we provide the caveat alot of courage will be required to lives congruently. […]

Fear Free

Fear Free – Live Courageously Fear Free

How Do You Play the Game of Fear? As an emotion, fear is your friend. So welcome it. Embrace it. Reasonable and appropriate fear gives you great information about how to respond more effectively as you move through the world. When we encounter bears, guns, […]

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Career and Life Coach

Make A Difference In The World Career coaching is for you at any stage of your life and career to discover your unique personal style, strengths, skills and interests so that you end up with a truly satisfying role. Customise specific knowledge and skills for […]

the art of managing emotions

The Art Of Managing Your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence Series #9 The Art Of Managing Your Emotions -I When it comes to managing emotions, Aristotle said it best when he wrote: “Anybody can become angry-that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at […]


5 Strategies To Fight ‘Gray Loneliness’

5 Strategies To Fight ‘Gray Loneliness’ As individuals progress through the aging process, they may encounter a phenomenon known as “gray loneliness,” characterized by social isolation stemming from various factors such as the loss of companions, physical or cognitive limitations impeding social engagement, and reduced […]

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Emotional Intelligence Series #4

Emotional Intelligence Series #4 What Are Emotions Anyway? Part II In the last article, I identified emotions in six ways thereby revealing a bit of the complexity about emotions. 1) Emotion as movement. 2) Emotions as inhibiting and exciting nerve impulses. 3) Emotions as distinct […]

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THINKING FOR A LIVING Anyone who thinks for a living—who has to use his or her brains to understand situations or persons, to solve problems, to communicate to others, to design or invent products or services, to sell or persuade people, to lead and/or manage […]

emotions intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Series #3

written by Dr L.Michael Hall What Are Emotions Anyway? With something as fundamental and basic as emotions, you might think that defining an emotion would be no problem. Yet that is not the case. Part of the reason for that is due to the fact […]

emotions intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Series #2

written by Dr L.Michael Hall What Is Emotional Intelligence? If I.Q. refers to intelligence generally, then it refers to your ability to think, reason, figure things out, solve problems, create solutions, etc. Given that, what does it mean when we put the word emotion in […]