Brain Camp – Thinking For Humans

Thinking seems so natural, inevitable, and effortless—many do not do it very well. How could thinking go wrong? How could one not think? Probably most people are poor thinkers—lazy thinkers, sloppy thinkers, muddled thinkers. Learn the distinctions for thinking


Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Your Real Self in The Coaching Centre Vitality Program is designed to enable you to identify your real identity as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being so that it unleashes your energy and vitality for a full and expressive life.


Coaching Genius 2024

The Coaching Centre Office 15, 212 Anson St Plaza, Orange, NSW, Australia

Learn the extraordinary coaching model described as ‘truly empowering’. Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others, and find the skills, confidence, and drive to succeed further in life. Feel proud of yourself for doing something healthy and positive today. Which is something you deserve anyway right? In other words receive the skills to take charge of your responses, emotions, and communication, while remaining focused and committed to the pursuit of your dreams. That is what you’ll learn in Self-Leadership/ Coaching Genius. This course provides practical techniques you will use immediately to harness your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.


Coaching Essentials

The Coaching Centre Office 15, 212 Anson St Plaza, Orange, NSW, Australia

The Art and Skill Of Effectively and Professionally Communicating.
You’ll Graduate From The 3-Day Internationally Recognised Coaching Essentials With Benefits Of High Quality Coaching Skills, Including Practice And Progress In Using Them. Get your very own FREE personality assessment and meeting to discover you real potential!
Extra articles are included as pre-reading before the course so you be prepared to apply the skills throughout the experience and then continue your growth afterwards!
With Coaching Essentials you will learn models, distinctions and concepts at the cutting edge of personal development. This course is for the unleashing of new potentials within yourself and for deeply connecting with others!


Creative Solutions

The Coaching Centre Office 15, 212 Anson St Plaza, Orange, NSW, Australia

Solutions—we all want them! We want solutions for making our dreams real, for making our businesses success in ways far beyond our dreams. We want solutions for our health and fitness, for our relationships and loved ones, for our well-being and happiness. So in this […]


Unleashing Leadership


        Unleashing Leadership This subject considers Self-Actualizing Leaders: Then, as an enlightened leader, we can develop a whole new kind of leader— self-actualizing leaders. We need men and women who are themselves growing, creative, caring, engaged, effective, and passionate about a meaningful […]