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NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) provides you strategies for higher performance. Are you looking for personal and professional development? Training with international recognised NLP Trainers are designed for unleashing your highest and best potentials. Challenge yourself and experience new ways for inspiring life.

The Coaching Centre – Australia are the NLP and Neuro-Semantic education provider for human development in Australia. Meta-Coach™training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS). Our modular-based learning programs are perfect for unleashing your highest potentials, guaranteed.

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What is NLP?

NLP as a human development program will focus on a functional approach to human behaviour and Development. NLP incorporates language, including its words, structures and sounds. Neuro-linguistic programming is a collective philosophy that includes a variety of valuable techniques for developmental coaching and therapy to bring about effective change in the lives of people. NLP considers linguistic resources for mapping reality, enacting interpersonal relations and managing information flow, alongside the expression of grammar and emotional intelligence in action.

The Benefits Of Studying NLP Include:

• Become an influential and inspirational communicator

• Use NLP for setting goals, outcomes and life coaching

• Become competent at reading non-verbal communications

• Increase your sensory acuity and (un)conscious awareness

• Master your thinking and take control of your emotional states

• Understand fears, anxieties and other destructive emotions

• Develop strategies for making better values based decisions

• Develop strong personal and professional relationships

• Envision success, create success and achieve lasting results

• Modify undesired behaviours in yourself and other people

• Efficiently extract and elicit information from others

• And much more …

Why Choose Us For Your NLP Development?

NLP certification at The Coaching Centre provides you with Certification through the only organisation in Australia recognised by both leading national and International governing bodies of NLP. 

With the Meta-State models you will be able to think structurally as you converse and not get seduced by the story, but recognise the key psychological patterns at play. This will help you find the leverage points for learning, insight, resources and change as you detect higher level patterns and quickly invite new insights, understandings and awareness.

Results That Can Be Expected From Taking One Of Our Accredited NLP Courses

As each individual is unique, everyone can achieve varying degrees of human development through:

  • Cultivating superior interpersonal skills and taking charge of one’s own life direction.
  • Overcoming barriers and unresourceful thinking to unleash their highest potential for life.
  • Avoiding procrastination and developing self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
  • Accelerating personal performance by focusing on self-improvement first.
  • Enhancing emotional and cognitive intelligence.
  • Recognizing representational systems and managing one’s state for a higher quality of life.
  • Equipping oneself with the tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation.
  • Going beyond the content of problems and challenges to see the underlying processes at play by thinking systemically.
  • Thinking structurally during conversations and recognizing key psychological patterns.
  • Developing understanding and awareness.
  • Building personal confidence, having more fun, and appreciating life with the help of NLP coaching courses.

A Brief History Of NLP

Today we recognise Korzybski as one of the giants upon whose shoulders NLP stands.

He set forth the presupposition that “The map is not the territory” as well as the terms “neuro-linguistic,” and “neuro-semantics.” And long before Grinder ever used the words “first access,” Korzbyski mapped out the multiple levels of “abstracting” that occur in our nervous system long before it reaches conscious awareness. He called that the “before words” level of abstracting.

And long, before the idea of modelling excellence dawned in the midst of either Bandler or Grinder, Abraham Maslow was actually engaged in modelling self actualising people.

After writing an exhaustive volume on Abnormal Psychology, Maslow turned his energies to the highest and best in human nature, (see the “Farther Reaches of Human Nature”) and began modelling people who showed some of the characteristics of self-actualization. In fact, he began with one of the cofounders of Gestalt Psychology. Here at The Coaching Centre, our NLP is modelled off human nature and modelling excellence.

Shawn Dwyer - Managing Coach - The Coaching Centre

Meet Our Lead Trainer

Shawn Dwyer

Shawn Dwyer is a highly experienced NLP trainer and Associate Certified Meta-Coach who is the International Meta-Coach Foundation President and leading NLP Neuro-Semantic Trainer in the Australasian region. Shawn is also a long-standing member of the International Society of Neuro Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Association of Australia. Shawn provides multiple industry leadership skills that sets The Coaching Centre training apart from all other training in human development. 

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