Meta Masters – Neuro-Semantic NLP Master Practitioner Certification

World-class NLP training at The Coaching Centre provides you with the skills and knowledge to deepen your foundations of leading edge NLP and Neuro-Semantics, giving you greater access to your own personal power, autonomy and efficacy.
This extensive course is restricted to accredited graduates of the NS/NLP practitioner Certification from the International Society of Neurosemantics. Graduates from other NLP Organisations may enroll after completion of NS experience through Coaching Genius or Accessing Personal Genius.
This course is for those participants with a serious commitment to taking their application of NLP/NS to the highest level.
The Coaching Centre’s NLP Master Practitioner Certification training (Meta Masters) is delivered by the International Vice-President of the Meta Coach Foundation, a leading edge NLP and Neuro-Semantic practitioner with a specific focus on generating potential, people development and self actualisation, helping you deepen your skills and knowledge in pursuit of mastery with NLP.
We are about offering one of Australia’s most powerful 14 day face-to-face fully accredited NLP Master Practitioner Certification training at the highest standards in Australia and internationally.

Who should attend this program?

Meta Masters is for anyone who is passionate about supporting themself and others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of leading edge human development.
As you learn the very structure of development, you’ll gain a practical guide to acknowledge the way people communicate, learn and change so that you can communicate for more complete and sustainable solutions. You’ll use incredible techniques to bring about positive and profound life change.
Ask us how this fits your continuing professional development.
*Courses are subject to minimum numbers of attendees

$3990 – 30% off standard rate
14 Days
Part 1 (7days): Saturday 25th to Friday 31st August 2018
Part 2 (7 days): Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th September 2018

Course Overview

Accessing Personal Genius and Self Leadership
Figuring Out People using Meta-Programs
Mastery Using Trance and Timelines
The Power of Influence
Strategies and Modelling Excellence
Full course details below

Accessing Personal Genius and Self Leadership – Emotional Intelligence

What you’ll learn
How to:
• Lead and manage your emotions positively
• Be increasingly responsible and accountable for your behaviour
• Take charge of your internal self-­talk and set aside negative thinking
• Experience 14 powerful coaching patterns in this training and the ability to use more than 200 additional coaching patterns. Discover the most basic Coaching Pattern
• Learn essential language skills for developmental communication (beliefs, values, and identity)
• Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving success, lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of
failure, not knowing what to do
• Never be intimidated, fearful or anxious no matter what challenges you face
• Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically. Live your purpose and act intentionally
• Enrich your experience of life with more passion as you discover how to get to the highest levels of our mind and set the
frames that will empower you for the kinds of relationships, career, health, etc, that you want
• Maintain a mindset of focus, self-discipline and ownership in your goal setting.

Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potential? Some of the benefits that can expect from program include:
• Master NLP itself as a discipline facilitating your own personal mastery with greater efficiency, persuasion and
• Access your own “Personal Genius” through reflexivity in mind-body states to gain mastery through meta-states
• Understand the process of how we create meaning, how it drives performance and how we use this process to cause
personal suffering.
• Hypnotic language – create higher level inductions for resourcefulness to support others and break through resistance
• How meaning lies at the very heart of the structure of communication excellence
• Learn how to completely outframe negative meanings to make life more enjoyable
• Perceptual filters for profiling people, activities and responses
• How we create habituated thinking patterns that run outside of our awareness
• Grow your capacity to respond to the environment rather than react to it
• The art of conversational reframing – handle conversation with skill through persuasion and influence for engaging
the mind in masterful ways for enhancing beliefs and directing consciousness
• Create transformations in meaning by searching for the structure of experience
• Define the vision of mastery in today’s world to exceed
• Modelling from experts and their excellence in strategies that they use for success

Course content approved and accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS):
Identify, unpack and replicate strategies by tracking the flow of human mind body responses that create behaviour

So What are Meta-Programs?

Meta-Programs are the “programs” we use in our mind-body system to input and process information. They operate at a level meta to our content thinking and so refer to the sorting devices we use in perceiving, paying attention to things, and inputting and processing stimuli. They are programs that run other programs. Meta-programs describe our attitude and orientating toward various contexts and situations.

Meta-States Model

In the Meta-States model, state upon state generates multiple kinds of systemic interfaces. This systemic processing sets up feedback and feed forward processes that are recursive and iterative, resulting in a self-organizing system.
The Meta-States Model maps the structure of self-reflexivity and describes how the layering of states upon states (thoughts and feelings about thoughts and feelings) creates the so-called “logical levels” and the higher level understandings and perceptions about things.

The layering of state upon state in Meta-States also provides an inherent “apply to self” dynamic within the model encouraging congruency and integrity of those who practice the model.

Including two full days designed with learning for Meta-Trance Using Trance For Mastery

  • Trance as a Meta-State Phenomena
  • What is hypnosis anyway?
  • Working with the ideas that are typically outside of cognitive conscious awareness
  • The nature of hypnotic phenomenon
  • The Types of Trance
  • The Meta-Levels as Trance
  • The language of trance and non trance
  • Inductions of Hypnotic Trances
  • Building Hypnotic Inductions Training
  • Statements and questions for hypnotic language
  • Eliciting your time line
  • Change personal history
  • Creating new decisions
  • Trance via Time-Lines
  • Linguistic Timelining
  • Fast and Slow Time
  • Spiraling Resources
  • Creating a New Life Narrative
  • Developing more time for patience now
  • Patterns for effectively living now
  • The Power of Influence

    Do you want to be able to influence others by your words? Is having the power of influence crucial in your role? Do you want to enrich your leadership powers?

    I: Overview: What is Reframing and Why Reframe?

  • Frames and Reframes
  • Lines that Change Minds
  • Why are Mind-Lines Important?
  • II: Preparation for Learning Mind-Lines

  • Getting into the Right State: State Accessing Patterns
  • Adopting Empowering Beliefs
  • Attitudes for Super-Charging your Learning
  • Clearing your Path of Interferences
  • III: The Conceptual World of Meaning

  • The Structure of Meaning: Detecting the Levels
  • Seven Directions and Best States
  • Summary of the Mind-Lines Formula
  • Mind-Line Diagrams
  • Insider’s Guide to Structure of Meaning
  • The Meta-Move
  • The Layers of your Meaning Matrix Cues and Prompters
  • IV: Examples of Reframing

  • Failure
  • Learning Difficulty
  • Confrontation
  • Saying Mean Things
  • Being Late
  • Getting into a magical state
  • Empowering States
  • Supporting beliefs that empower the magical state of mind-lining
  • Problematic states that prevent word magic
  • Eight things every magician needs to know about meaning
  • The seven directions of consciousness
  • Sometimes you just have to go meta
  • V: Reviewing the Art of Reframing

  • The magic of reframing
  • Simplifying the Simplifications
  • Learning Mind-Lines Step-by-Step (the magic formula)
  • How do Know when to do What (how to do what when; chapter 13)
  • Delivering Mind-Lines with Powerful Elegance
  • Semantically Packing your Mind-Lines
  • Mind-Lining as a Belief Change Pattern
  • Strategies and Modelling:

    So in Neuro-Semantics, we aim to extend what NLP began since using the latest discoveries in the Cognitive Sciences, Cybernetics, Systems, General Semantics, etc. Therefore Foundations for modeling in Neuro-Semantics involves not only the NLP-enriched TOTE model that began the whole Cognitive Movement itself, but also the sources for modeling in Korzybski that were never brought over into NLP and used very little in General Semantics.

    Furthermore you will learn how to model and use applications for;

  • Optimism
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Uninsultability
  • Hence, exploring the Structure of Experience.
  • Yet other key components of this training;
  • Modeling: the heart of NLP
  • Kinds of Modeling
  • Best States for Modeling and Tools for Modeling
  • Submodalities and Meta-Levels
  • Unmasking Sbmd’s meta-levels
  • Using Sbmd for Mastering NLP
  • Strategies for Modeling
  • The NLP-enriched TOTE Model
  • Identifying, unpacking, & replicating
  • Strategies of Excellence
  • Most noteworthy Neuro-Semantics Modeling
  • Cultural Modeling
  • Structure of “Cultural” Phenomena
  • Testimonial

    Brendan Savage – NLP Practitioner
    “Meta-NLP Master Practitioner has enriched my experience through a greater understanding of myself and how to get more out of life. A very supportive learning environment with good feedback”.

    Meta Masters

    Location: Orange
    When: 8.30am start 25th August, 2018
    9am-5pm 14 days,
    Part 1 (7days): Saturday 25th to Friday 31st August 2018
    Part 2 (7 days): Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th September 2018

    Up until the 5th of August the Early Bird Rate is Only $3395
    The first 5 people to sign up for the Early Bird Rate will receive a 30minute one on one breakthrough coaching session valued at $199
    After the 5th of August the Standard Rate is Only $3995

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    Up until the 5th of August the Early Bird Rate is Only $3695

    After the 5th of August the Standard Rate is Only $3995

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    Minimum Standards

    The duration of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification training must be a minimum of:
    1. Attainment of your NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognised NLP trainer
    2. 40 hours of pre-course reading (User Manual for the Brain Vol 2 or your complete Master NLP Training Manual plus Mind
    lines- Hall)
    3. Fourteen whole days face-to-face classroom training
    4. A demonstration of knowledge you’ve gained by reaching the pass mark of the final written assessment (open book-
    assessment supplied pre-course)
    5. Demonstration of your skills gained with a live bench-marked pattern delivery
    6. The training delivered by an INSA ‘Recognised Meta-NLP Trainer’
    7. Introduction to NLP Mastery
    8. Top Ten Mastery States
    9. Well-Formed Outcomes for Mastery
    10. Circles of Excellence
    11. Mastery through meta-states
    12. Meta-Stating Learning
    13. Meta-Stating Concepts
    14. Mind-to-Muscle Pattern
    15. Qualifying/ Texturing Genius States
    16. Meta-Stating Intentionality
    17. Meta-Stating Committed Focus
    18. Meta-Stating Integrity Beyond Language
    19. Mastery through trance
    20. Trance as a Meta-State Phenomena
    21. The Meta-Levels as Trance
    22. Inductions of Hypnotic Trances
    23. Trance via Time-Lines
    24. Meta-programs mastery
    25. Meta-Programs as Coalesced meta-states
    26. Meta-Programs for “Figuring Out People”
    27. Changing Meta-Programs
    28. Using Meta-Programs
    29. Mastery through mind-lines
    30. The Mind-Lines Model
    31. Conversational Reframing
    32. 26 Reframing Patterns
    33. Exploring the Structure of Experience
    34. Modeling: the heart of NLP
    35. Tools for Modeling
    36. Sub-modalities go meta
    37. Unmasking Sbmd’s meta-levels
    38. Strategies for Modeling
    39. The NLP-enriched TOTE Model
    40. Neuro-Semantics Modeling

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    Ongoing Community & Support

    The Coaching Centre is a member of the worldwide NLP and Neuro-Semantic global community, where we support and are governed by licensing through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and Nationally, through the Australian Institute of Neuro-Semantics.
    Upon successful completion of your NLP or Master Practitioner Training, you will become a member of a supportive international learning community of over 8,000 NLP practitioners, coaches and like minded individuals, across 40 different countries, all passionate about NLP, human growth & potential.
    The Coaching Centre sponsors ongoing monthly NLP and Meta Coaching practice groups in Orange, Bathurst and soon to be in Cowra. This monthly group meetups is a great place to ground and continue with your learning and development, while connecting with other Practitioners and professional communicators.

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    • URGENT: New Information About NLP To Build A High Quality Life You Can Be Extremely Proud Of

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