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Education & Training

The Coaching Centre Is a certified Neuro-Semantic Training Company. We are making a difference with Coaching, Certified Leadership Coach Training Programs, Lean Business Training and Consulting, Business Growth and Mentoring.

We uniquely specialise in Coach Leadership Training, credentialing you in NLP, “Meta-States” and the Meta-Coach System taking you to a higher level in performance and attitude.

NLP Certification Training

Learn to communicate with high quality interpersonal skills and create meaningful impact. Experience inspirational models at the leading edge of human potential. Develop your unique style, strengths and skills for a truly satisfying life.
National and International Accreditation for NLP Practitioner Certification and NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Developmental Coaching

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Women In Leadership

Are you ready to gain life-long learning and wealth creation principles for profitability and positivity?

The Coaching Centre ensure economic and social change, a sustainable culture and deep impact enabling your clear purpose in rural Australia.

Unleash Your Potential

Professional Communication As A Leader, Developing A Peak Performance Company,And Becoming The Leader You Can Be

The Self-Actualisation Training, Certification, Competency skills, and Diploma

Want to know more about NLP ?

We are the only nationally and internationally recognised Meta-NLP training company endorsed through governing NLP industry associations. What this means for you is you’ll be learning with rigorous standards, leading edge benchmarks, code of ethics and the very best skills for life!

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The Coaching Centre Guarantee

Our personal professional development programs are guaranteed to enhance the quality of your life. Additionally, our coaches are accredited in the world’s most advanced models and technology for human development, ratified by leading industry Associations: the Meta–Coach Foundation and the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Hence we guarantee a personal and professional approach with proven methodologies for you to develop into the best you can be!

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