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Personal Coaching With The Coaching Centre

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The Coaching Imperative

Personalized, one-on-one coaching provided by experienced coaching professionals can help aspiring and seasoned managers, alike, develop critical organizational leadership skills. Coaching gives your employees the confidence, knowledge, and competencies they need to succeed in their own roles while also maximizing engagement, performance, and retention of the employees they manage.

Benefits of One-on-One Coaching

Effective, personalized one-on-one coaching involves more than simply addressing deficiencies in functional expertise. It takes a holistic approach to develop the individual. When you have the technological capacity to assess each employee’s specific skills gaps, it’s possible to devise a coaching plan that strengthens the employee’s emotional and leadership qualities in addition to building functional expertise.

The benefits of such an approach are numerous. Coaching can:

Identify and then plug critical skills shortages that exist across your organization
Give employees ownership over the path of their professional development
Accelerate the development of effective leadership at all levels of the company
Build greater loyalty among team members
Help attract new talent to the company
Reverse the debilitating trend of turnover that’s costing businesses big dollars

Are You Wanting More Meaning, Direction, And Purpose In Life?

Clients are guaranteed that they will:
– Have the secured ability to deliver results and achieve (mastery and individual success)
– Receive the tools and opportunity to actualise what they want to achieve(beliefs & confidence)
– Receive a personalised approach to realise abundant prosperity and strategic valued outcomes empowering your freedom

Your Interests Are Paramount

Coaching aligns with your interest in working with the “structure” (or process) of experience since a coach is competent in eliciting the structure of how people run their own brains, and not in the content of their experience. This is the difference that makes the difference. Do you want that?

Personal coaching is a way to help you generate new thoughts, perceptions, and behavior in a certain area of life, while being able to sustain best solutions in your new way of being on an individual level.
You might be on your way to being an expert in your field however those who are willing to work at developing themselves through challenge and support for self-reliance will evolve further with success and autonomy. Here at The Coaching Centre; coaching enables your results and effectiveness to be achieved in life, generating deeper power and confidence, gaining a laser focus and mastery, unleashing your highest potentials, and discovering your true self.

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Personal coaching


What Others Say About Coaching With Us 

Nola Debney – Real Estate Agent

“Coaching has provided me with an opportunity to look at all areas that have concerned me from a different perspective and understand the situations with more clarity and understanding. To be able to look at a situation from a position outside gives a boarder understanding. I think a lot of people would benefit from coaching with Shawn, he provided me clarity of every different situation”

Claudine Kurian – IT Leadership Professional

Shawn is a highly talented and ethical coach, who actively listened to pinpoint areas where I could improve in and worked with me to create a realistic plan to achieve my goals. He is highly skilled and is a wonderful coach to work with. He has helped me substantially!

Michelle Boyles Toll Logistics WHS Manager

I’ve really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Shawn. He is a great supportive listener. Shawn asks the right question which helped me to see my limited thinking patterns. This awareness has help me to make purposeful changes in my every day life

Aaron Burkett – Proud Dad

Before my first session I had difficulty with habitual unwise decision making. After my second session I’ve had multiple challenges to this and have had personal successes with each event that has arisen

Melissa Steedman – Barista

I have found through my coaching sessions with Shawn Dwyer how to maintain responsibility for who I am (my internal & external self), this has stopped me from being so worried about what other people think. I can say through the coaching sessions I have gained more self confidence for myself and more acceptance of myself and others

Christine Sweetnam – New Beginning Healing Therapies

I recommend Self Leadership course with Shawn as great value in ones life journey. The course contents is very informative and presented in a professional manner and safe environment.”

Melanie Kearney – Kinesiology Practitioner – Soul Body Kinetics

Among many of the positively impacting qualities of Shawn’s coaching with me, I greatly appreciate his compassion and wise precision of applied NS NLP and how much he has helped me implement into my life. To see how I was holding myself back and now to be moving forward & upward in both my personal & professional life with new vision, is to learn how the world really is my oyster!

Benefits of Coaching With The Coaching Centre

Use of developmental coaching at The Coaching Centre brings you many benefits, including, for example ..:
1. You can succeed more in life.
     E.g. in your business or projects.
2. Cope with failure better and learn from it.
3. You will lead a happier life (or at least a less unhappy one!)
4. Manage better with unneeded anger, anxiety, depression, fear and guilt and appreciate more love, happiness and enjoyment.
5. Get along better with others and get more of what you want and less of what you do not want.
6. Learn to communicate better with others and with yourself!
7. Increase your decision making and come up with better solutions to your problems.
8. You can become more in control of your life.
This means more self discipline to get things done.
Therefore you will be able to loose weight, get fit and change your life style so as to reduce the chance of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, etc.

So overall by working Coaches at The Coaching Centre …
You can “put more years into your life and more life into your years”.
Of course all this comes at a price. One must not only be supported by us whilst you learn the self awareness formulations, you then need to practice and convert them into skills and apply those skills habitually in your life. If you only talk about it, limited to no results can be expected. We help you close the knowing-doing gap, we are about meanings and actions, and that is the difference that makes the difference!

How Is Coaching Different?

The primary design of coaching is to unleash potential in people so that they can unleash their highest and best. That requires a psychology of people that fits these objectives. Objectives of self actualisation. When coaching a client, the coach helps the client gain the resources needed to get his or her desired outcomes. In doing so we address any problems or challenges the client encounters along the way. The coach facilitates the client in exploring what he or she wants, and does not provide advice. Professional coaching at The Coaching Centre primary purpose is to enhance wellbeing, improve per- formance and facilitate individual and organizational change. Our coaching overcomes the coaching stigma due to resting on a solid foundation. This foundation is one of shared empirically validated knowledge, rigorous peer-reviewed publishing, a common language, and clear and explicit links to the wider knowledge base. In short, our coaching is evidence-based. 

Where Does Coaching Focus?

A coach is focused on the “bright side of human nature”, and not on healing “past hurts”, traumas, or phobias; So a coach is not a counselor or therapist. Coaching is different to therapy as self actualisation psychology is added to coaching. If a client, “wants to be better at writing romance novels”, a coach would not give her advice on the best way to craft a plot or sketch a torrid scene (that is mentoring). Instead, as a prelude for the client to express her outcome, at first the coach asks her “what does better mean?”. So the coach might need to explore the frames (e.g., with facets like beliefs or permissions) and perceptual filters that hold the present state in place before helping the client determine and move toward a well-formed, well-framed outcome.

Coaching Options

Option 1

Skype Available or Face To Face Available
3 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
Personality Styles
Growth And Abundance

Option 2

Skype Available or
Face To Face Available.
6 x 60 Minute Coach Sessions
Personality Typology
Growth And Abundance
Email and Phone Support
Freedom and Fullness

Option 3

Skype Available
Face To Face Available
12 x 60 Minute Coach Sessions
Matrix Development
Personality Typology
Growth And Abundance
Email and Phone Support
Freedom and Fullness


Why Wait?

Personal Coaching is provided in Orange face to face or anywhere worldwide via our online platforms.
A personal coaching program includes 6 fortnight sessions that last for 60 minutes each.

  • Imagine The Life You Deserve And Loving Every Minute Of It