Internationally Certified Meta-NLP Practitioner Course


2 x International Certifications in one; NLP Practitioner, Neuro Semantic Practitioner, and Level 1 Meta Coaching Certification – all in the one introductory training program.

Meta-NLP Professional PractitionerUnlock your potential with our internationally recognised Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner training.

Offering Australia’s best-priced full NLP practitioner certification means a higher quality of life and more money in your pocket.

Neuro-Semantics NLP is the Worlds Most Advanced Models and Technology for Human Development!
Our NLP practitioner certification is internationally accredited and credentialed under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).

The Coaching Centre’s NLP Practitioner training offers you traditional and grounded NLP Practitioner training, aswell as Neuro-Semantic (NS) Practitioner certification that includes NLP, new distinctions, strategies, understandings and models. This includes the world reknown model by our trainer Dr L.Michael Hall, The Meta-States Model.

This training will run at Orange, NSW and delivered by an Internationally Qualified NLP Trainer. Neuro-Semantic NLP Practitioner is just the beginning to increase the quality of your life! You will learn;
1) The Advanced Communication Model
2) How Meta-Modalities work
3) The Meta-Model Linguistic Model
4) The Meta-program Model
5) The Milton Model
6) The Meta-States Model
7) The Strategy Model
8) The Time-Line Model

and more!

The Coaching Centre is an Internationally Accredited NLP (Practitioner and Master Practitioner) and Neuro-Semantic (NS) training provider with focus on people development and self-actualisation.


Our NLP programs are focused on providing both challenge and ‘support’ in finding your best and most effective self so that you can live a great life and go out in the world and make a difference; your difference!

As part of this support, The Coaching Centre and Actualising Excellence (and The Meta Coach Foundation) sponsors ongoing Meta-NLP practise groups (monthly in Orange and soon in Bathurst). This is a great place to ground and continue your learning and development, and connect with other NLP Practitioners and like-minded people interested in practising and coaching. Membership and attending the practice groups is at no cost to you (ongoing).


We are offering Australia’s most cost-effective 8-day face-to-face fully accredited NLP practitioner certification training. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to NS-NLP, access to the full range of models with deep understanding and practice, and world-wide leading benchmark processes to calibrate your new skills.
The regular industry price is $4,000+. To greatly reduce this cost, The Coaching Centre is offering the 8-day introductory course at $1899.00.

Ask about our interest free payment plans and/or 3 for 2 offer.

8-DAY COURSE 20 (Limited to 20 people)

3 Certifications in one!

Only $1899.00 (including GST)

Over 45% off!

Places are first come, first served. Seats are limited, so secure your place today.

To book onto one of our NLP Practitioner courses, Email us at or call us on 0439194323. We will need the following information to enrol you and be able to offer your free article on Meta-NLP immediately:
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NLP Practitioner is for anyone who is passionate about supporting others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of human development and cognitive science.Specifically, NLP Practitioner is ideal for:

  • Individuals reaching for significant personal growth to actualise their highest and best potentials
  • Individuals committed to personal development – NLP Practitioner allows you to permanently take charge of your emotions and beliefs, and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. Change your thinking to transform your responses to life.
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and sales managers – Learn how to influence yourself and your employees so that you reach targets, achieve budget, overcome obstacles and exceed Key Performance Indicators.
  • HR Executives, HR and HR professionals committed to helping individuals & teams thrive.
  • Executives, leaders & managers wanting to build a corporate culture of self-actualising employees.
  • Experienced managers and leaders wanting to develop their core essential facilitation and communications skills.
  • Health practitioners eager to really step up in their career
  • Sports coaches and personal trainers ready to unleash their full potential to best the best they can be
  • Parents and Teachers learn how to use the complimentary power of training and coaching as effective tools for the development of students at any age.
  • Business owners ready to increase the quality of their lives and take themselves to a higher stage in business
  • Experienced NLP practitioners wanting to refresh and learn how to coach with NLP and Neuro-Semantics.
  • New coaches – Learn powerful coaching models that you can use immediately. The beauty of the adaptive models is that you can build on it as you grow, you gain more experience, and your business grows.


Payment plans are available to help you focus on what’s more important to you in life. Contact us below if you wish to book with your payment plan or simply use the button below to reserve your seat.



Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of knowing the basic models. NLP is “the study of the structure of subjective experience.”
Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of applications. Self Leadership is one of the pinnacles in this program. To achieve this, we put a lot of emphasis on “apply to self”. We do this also because there are still a lot of people doing NLP on people and not applying to self. That makes them inauthentic, incongruent, and generally ineffective practitioners.
Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of relationships. Relationships are central to high quality NLP.
Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of collaboration. Through Neuro Semantics NLP, we will naturally and inevitably operate from a state of abundance and collaboration.

Here is some of what you can expect from your NS NLP Practitioner Certification Training program:

1. Learn the art and skill of listening
Introduction and skills in using the NLP Communication model.
How you uniquely experience the world out there.
How you make your world a delight or a disaster.
How you delete, generalise and distort information in your world.
How your state of mind-body-emotion has you and dictates the quality of your life.
How you can master your reactions and choose your responses to yourself, others and the world.
Distinguish through sensory awareness how to read body language and eye chatter.
Learn to listen with skill through calibration.
Find and rate your listening skills with our meta-coaching “listening benchmarks”.

2. Learn the skill of supporting others
Learn to gain instant rapport, how to meet people in their world; people like people like themselves…
How to develop a deep connection through a meeting of minds.
Understand the language preferences of others.
Step into expanded wisdom as you learn the multiple perspectives of reality.
Find and rate your supporting skills with our meta-coaching “supporting benchmarks”.

3. Learn and grow your emotional intelligence (EI) through state management mastery
Discover and use the ‘map/territory’ distinction.
Learn state management 101.
Learn state accessing, elicitation and anchoring strategies.
Find and rate your state induction skills on our meta-coaching “state induction benchmarks”.

4. Questions and their effects.
Understand POWER conversations for outstanding clarity.
Find and rate your questioning skills on our meta-coaching questioning benchmarks.

5. Learn precision questioning – great questions are great questions!
Introducing the Meta-Model, a model of specificity.
Free your thinking by understanding multiple levels in language.

6. Learn to detect how your and others think
Defining Meta-Programs (perception filters).
The Meta-Program template & Meta-Program mastery.
Changing Meta-Programs.

7. The Meta States model
Introducing the Meta-States model.
The 7 Step Meta-State process and dance Meta-states for framing and re-framing.

8. Strategies and Modelling Tools
The strategy elicitation model.
The TOTE model.
Motivation, decision.
The SCORE model.
Collapsing Anchors.

9. Time-lines
An introduction to time-lines.
Eliciting time-lines.
Kinaesthetic time-lines.
Changing time-lines.

10. NLP & NS patterns
Change personal history.
Belief change pattern to change unhelpful beliefs.
Using language hypnotically.
The Milton model.
Phobia Cure
Learn the NLP Six step reframe pattern
Sphere of Excellence
Releasing negative emotions.


Payment plans are available to help you focus on what’s more important to you in life. Contact us below if you wish to book with your payment plan.


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Anne Smart – Western NSW Local Health District – Womens Health Clinical Nurse Consultant
This training offers me ‘so much’ more potential to personally find greater growth in my life and experience fully new ways to communicate effectively. Through the Meta-NLP Practitioner course, I have learnt to raise myself to higher motivation, with ability to communicate more effectively with myself and other people, and to be helpful to others in understanding their true selves.

Monica Perizzolo – Massage Therapist
I have already started using what I have learnt. I feel that I have already changed – changed in my thinking towards myself and immediate people around me. This is only the beginning! The person I was at the start of this course is not the same…I am more aware, I am more relaxed..I am more content…I am hungry for more…


Shawn Dwyer – Managing Coach at The Coaching Centre
Public Linked-In Profile


  • International Vice-President of the Meta-Coach Foundation
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro Semantics – Leadership Team
  • Regional Director of The Meta-Coach Foundation Australia
  • Director of the Meta-Coach Foundation Chapter in Orange, NSW
  • Licensed Trainer of Neuro Semantics (NS) & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Associate Certified Meta Coach with the Meta Coach Foundation (MCF)
  • Internationally Certified Group & Team Coach
  • Master NLP & NS Practitioner
  • NLP & NS Practitioner
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Education and Training for Sustainability
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise
  • Diploma of Management, Project Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA & TAE)
  • Certificate IV in Administration, Retail Management, Transport and Distribution, Competitive Manufacturing, Food Processing


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Oct/Nov 2024 8-Day Course
Part 1 (4-days) Oct 13–16 2024 (Communication Essentials only)
Part 2 (4-days) Nov 10–13 2024


Payment plans are available to help you focus on what’s more important to you in life. Contact us below if you wish to book with your payment plan.

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Coaching Essentials Module 1 Meta-Coach System

August 2024 2-Day Course
Part 1 (2 days) August 20 – 21, 2024
August 2024 2-Day Course
Part 2 (2 days) September 17 – 18, 2024


Payment plans are available to help you focus on what’s more important to you in life. Contact us below if you wish to book with your payment plan.

Self Leadership – Module 2 Meta-Coach System

August 2024 3-Day Course
Course 1 (3 days) August 5-7 2024

September 2024 3-Day Course
Course 2 (3 days) September 2-4 2024

October 2024 3-Day Course
Course 3 (3 days) Course October 28-30


Payment plans are available to help you focus on what’s more important to you in life. Contact us below if you wish to book with your payment plan.

  • Imagine The Life You Deserve And Loving Every Minute Of It

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