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What is emotional intelligence (EQ)

This program has a practical application and not only theory of EQ. With individuals EQ means the following five distinctions

Emotional Awareness – aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying to yourself, kinesthetics, body movements and gestures, etc.
Self Monitoring – able to monitor the ups and downs of thoughts and emotions, to monitor what triggers various responds, when and where and with whom one’s insides oscillates.
Emotional Management – able to manage or regulate the micro-behaviors of thinking, feeling, emoting, languaging, etc.
Emotional Relating and Connection – using one’s insides to connect with others, bond, understand, listen, care, set boundaries, empathize, etc.
Self-responsibility – willingness to accept ownership of the inside dimension, and to choose one’s thoughts, feelings, words, etc.

Course Description

Learn how to develop and use emotional intelligence over the experiences that are out of your awareness with effective emotional intelligence. Unleash Your Potentials For Emotional Vitality,

By enrolling in this course, you will experience significant freedom in yourself, allowing you to overcome experiences and stuckness that may be holding you back in life. You’ll develop and use emotional intelligence, gaining clarity to manage your state and mind in new ways for a more abundant life, leaving unresourceful states in the past.

Through engaging with self-reflexive consciousness and high-quality state management skills, you’ll gain a greater awareness for life. Our transformative activities will allow you to see, go, share, and check-in with how you view the world.

You’ll also understand the mind-body-emotion communication model for higher quality meanings in life, and develop a full sense of ownership over your life with personal confidence. You’ll learn how to hold healthy responsibility for yourself and get along with others, while deeply enjoying life more.

This course will help you identify the impact of your own emotions on others in the workplace, recognize and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others, and promote the development of emotional intelligence in others. With emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to maximize team outcomes, making you a valuable asset in any organization.

So, get ready to experience a new level of personal and professional growth. This course will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to unlock your potential and live the life you desire.

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