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The Main Path to Health and Self Fulfilment!

For Seeking The Peak of Vitality And Your Real Authentic Self

Our uniquely designed workshops define and facilitate individuals to experience The Coaching Centre Vitality Program. Discover the secret mechanisms for life that means being your best self, being real, feeling alive and unleashing your highest potentials. Imagine uncovering your very own unique personal codes so you access the energy (vitality) you desire and need to unleash the real potential within. Our specific processes enable you to find your “real self” empowering you to become deeply authentic and feeling fully alive. Experience the brand new way to evolve without limiting beliefs. Progress to the areas of creativity and then further your learning to self-actualizing organizations, companies, and communities as you lead a group or company to create and innovate those solutions to the world.

Vitality overall includes the functions of your biology and your psychology. These dimensions of experience operate together, hence bio-psychological. To tap into and release your physical and mental vitality — we have to understand the operating of our neurology, physiology and how they are influenced by our psychology. That’s what the Coaching Centre Vitality Program is about. So you’ll develop your peak identity of your Real Self — the you that only you can uniquely be and become. And there you will learn the mysteriousness of the peak experience as you transcend yourself, even if only for a moment, and live in the realm of being— being your best self, you at your most perfect moments, moments awake.

Registering The Joy Meter

Throughout your day, it also takes a lot of vitality to be able to handle life’s everyday demands at home and work. So if at the end of the day, you go home … and go into your Energy Room and stand on your Joy Meter to see how much life and soul you have at the end of the day, and your Joy Meter is hardly registering – you’ve got a problem.

What is that problem?

You could have a vitality leak. Or you could have a vitality dampener. Somehow you are letting work or friends or family or children or chores or something suck the very life out of you! Even if your Joy Meter is only registering in the middle of the scale, you still have a problem. Something is happening that’s preventing you from living life with passion, and joy, and aliveness, and high motivation. I wonder what that is?

Innate Vitality

Second, vitality is important because without a strong sense of vitality or aliveness, you will not be feeling good. You will be dragging yourself through life and work and activities rather than being full of the innate vitality that you were born with. Innate vitality? Yes, we were born for that and as children we had that. So what happened? Where did our thrill and absorption and passion for learning go?

A healthy vitality shows up in not only in your level of energy and activity, not only in your restfulness, it shows up in your passion and ability to learn new things. There’s an innate passion for challenging your brain, for reading challenging materials and exercising your mind.  It will mean you won’t be satisfied with life on the couch flipping TV channels. So here’s to the rediscovering of your vitality- to becoming more fully alive to life’s adventure.  See you soon at The coaching Centre Vitality Program training!

The Coaching Centre Vitality Program

Day 1: Developing Your Foundational Identity— Biological Vitality.
Day 2: Seeking the Peak of Your Meta-Life Identity—Becoming a Self-Actualizer.
Day 3: Living at the Peak — “Peaking” Skills for being Fully Alive/Fully Human.

Note: This unique program is not found anywhere else and is an Internationally recognised training through the International Society Neuro-Semantics and the Coaching Centre – Australia. Grab The free Brochure Now.

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