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For Seeking the Peak of Vitality And Your Real Authentic Self

The Coaching Centre Self-Actualization Workshops defines and facilitate individuals and organizations to experience self-actualization. This means being your best self, being real, feeling alive and unleashing your highest potentials. We begin with your personal self-actualization so you can access the energy (vitality) you will need to unleash what is potential within you. Doing that enables you to find your “real self” and become authentic. Then we move to the area of creative problem-solutions, how to do that, and then to self-actualizing organizations, companies, and communities as you lead a group or company to create and innovation those solutions in the world.

Vitality the function of your biology and your psychology. These dimensions of experience operate together, hence bio-psychological. To tap into and release your physical and mental vitality—we have to understand the operating of our neurology, physiology and how they are influenced by our psychology. That’s what this training is about.So you’ll develop your peak identity of your Real Self—the you that only you can uniquely be and become. And there you will learn the mysteriousness of the peak experience as you transcend yourself, even if only for a moment, and live in the realm of being— being your best self, you at your most perfect moments.

An Internationally recognised training through the International Society Neuro-Semantics:

Day 1: Developing Your Foundational Identity— Biological Vitality.
Day 2: Seeking the Peak of Your Meta-Life Identity—Becoming a Self-Actualizer.
Day 3: Living at the Peak — “Peaking” Skills for being Fully Alive/Fully Human.