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This course is about one thing and one thing only –
Unleashing the potentials within you so you can discover and experience all that you have to offer. Experience more peak experiences of “flow” and take your performances to ever higher levels. Maslow infusion

This is “Self Actualisation”. In self-actualising, you actualise yourself as you mobilise all of your inner psychological resources as well as all of your outer relational, social, and environmental resources to make your life all that it can be.

Do you want to learn a psychology all about healthy adult development? The focus on this day is about unleashing your potentials, by using the mechanisms that facilitate such, and the simple psychology that governs it. This is the day of SelfActualization Psychology. Presenting an overview of two key Meta-Coach models from

  1. The Matrix Embedded Pyramid of Needs and
  2. The Meaning/Performance Axes which gives us the Self Actualizing Quadrants.

So come and learn in an enjoyable way how to live a better life. Identify the 12 habits that govern the integration from meaning to performance.
Identify the criteria for how to be a ‘good to great’ person.

The capstone of human potential through self actualizing development including history and distinctions to live to your highest and best potentials.

Where is the Self Actualizing Hierarchy Of Needs From?

It is called by a number of names – Humanistic Psychology, Growth Psychology, and Self-Actualization Psychology. It eventuated early last century and then into the Human Potential Movement in the 1960s and 1970s. That movement searched for the mechanisms to be able to elicit authenticity in people. Unfortunately, while they found many factors and variables of the self-actualizing process, they did not discover any technique that they could count on working consistently and regularly.

How was this method improved?

It was only later, in stepping back, reviewing that history, and examining their discoveries that we came upon a process for modeling self-actualization and the self-actualization process of unleashing potentials-the Self-Actualization Quadrants. This model is based on the Meaning and Performance Axes of Neuro-Semantics and enables us to navigate the processes for becoming a real person. This model enables us to specify the skills required for facilitating getting real. So if are you ready for the adventure of a great lifetime, go ahead- reserve your seat and let the freedom and potentials in your life get better!