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Self Leadership / Coaching Genius

This program is about owning personal power and taking responsibility for your life. We fear our highest possibilities. We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments, under the most perfect conditions, under conditions of greatest courage. We enjoy and even thrill to the godlike possibilities we see in ourselves in such peak moments. And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these very same possibilities. 

Self Actualising Experience

A genius experience is about opening oneself up to self-discovery and knowledge. Self-actualization means experiencing fully, vividly, selflessly, with full concentration and total absorption. It means experiencing without the self-consciousness of the adolescent. At this moment of experiencing, the person is wholly and fully human.

At such moments of absorption, something else happens something that actually facilitates the healing that we usually attribute to therapy. What? We forget our poses, defenses, shyness, and simply go for it.

Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s life.

We have talked of experiencing without self-awareness, of making the growth choice rather than the fear choice, of listening to the impulse voices, and of being honest and taking responsibility. All these are steps toward self-actualization, and all of them guarantee better life choices.

Develop the skills for genius

As we open ourselves up to ourselves—to our innate powers, to our unique gifts and talents, to our right to be ourselves and to be unique, it takes courage to both identify our typical defenses and to give up these defenses. Yet that courage is the pathway to self-actualization. It is repression, rejection, judgment, fear, avoidance, etc. that holds us back and that blocks becoming fully all that we can become. Conversely, it is the willingness to risk and to discover our full humanity, however fallible it is, that enables us to step into authenticity, into being more fully an authentic self.

For self-leadership to occur we naturally endeavour to do such actions; 

  • Giving up the past
  • Giving up the future
  • Recovering an innocence or guileless (the know-nothing state)
  • Narrowing of consciousness
  • Loss of ego, self-forgetfulness
  • Inhibiting force of consciousness
  • Fear disappears, “Absorption casts out fear.”
  • Strength and courage emerges. “Becoming more courageous makes it easier to let oneself be attracted by mystery, by the unfamiliar, by the novel, by the ambiguous and contradictory.”
  • Acceptance, giving up criticism
  • Trust versus trying, controlling, striving
  • Receptivity
  • Integration of one’s full being
  • Permission to dip into primary process
  • Aesthetic perceiving
  • Spontaneity
  • Expressiveness of uniqueness
  • Fusion of the person and the world.

Facilitating excellence

Learn the extraordinary coaching model described as ‘truly empowering’. Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others, and find the skills, confidence, and drive to succeed further in life. Feel proud of yourself for doing something healthy and positive today. Which is something you deserve anyway right? In other words receive the skills to take charge of your responses, emotions, and communication, while remaining focused and committed to the pursuit of your dreams. That is what you’ll learn in Self-Leadership/ Coaching Genius. This course provides practical techniques you will use immediately to harness your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

Who is this course for?

For those who want to learn how to lead their own life, become a Personal coach, Life coach, Executive coach, Internal corporate coach, Business coach, Sales coach, PT coach, Career coach, or even a sports coach. And for Professional people wanting to grow their skills and/or learn how to coach professionally.

Benefits of attending this course

» Lead and manage your emotions positively in all areas of life
» Be increasingly responsible and accountable for your behaviour
» Take charge of your internal self-talk and set aside negative thinking
» Experience 14 powerful coaching patterns in this training and the ability to use more than 200 additional coaching patterns. Discover the most basic Coaching Pattern
» Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving success, lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of failure, not knowing what to do
» Never be intimidated, fearful or anxious no matter what challenges you face
» Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically. Live your purpose and act intentionally
» Enrich your experience of life with more passion as you discover how to get to the highest levels of our mind and set the frames that will empower you for the kinds of relationships, career, health, etc. that you want.

What else can I expect from this course?

Self-leadership is the ability to intentionally “run your own brain” for a particular purpose. Manage mental and emotional states that enhance our performances so we can achieve the things that are meaningful and important to us. Receive the framework and experiential tools to align and focus how you think, feel, and behave to be in high-performance states, or what we call “genius” or “flow” states. Achieve flow states to enhance your leadership performance.

That’s a different way of looking at ‘genius.’ So genius is more of an experience than a status. That must be why there are no Universities that give degrees in ‘genius.’ So if it is an experience, then how do we experience it or as you say, ‘access’ it?

Suppose I told you that you were born for genius, that everyone listening to us right now was born for genius? Have you ever noticed how little children can get so lost in a toy or game as they play and become so engaged in that activity that you have to almost shout or tap them on the shoulder to get their attention? If genius is being all there, then that child is in a genius state of full engagement, of one mind —single-minded about that activity.

“So genius is about focus and concentration? It is the opposite of multi-tracking? Is that why we think of some geniuses as absent-minded and lost in their thoughts?”

They are of one mind about something and because they are not splitting their awareness, but focusing it, they have a laser-beam focus and that’s what makes them so present, so engaged, so much in the zone.

That’s what the best golfers do. They get in the zone and are able to stop all the mind-chatter so they aren’t disturbed by the things going on around them.

Genius is a natural state of mind, we were born for it. The challenge we have is not in creating it, but in getting back to it. Our problem as adults is that we have too many things on our mind, we have too many things going on in the back of our mind. We need to ‘Lose our mind and come back to our senses’ so that we can be present and enter that zone of focus and flow.

So how would you like to be able to switch that genius state of flow on and off at will? How would you like to be able to step into it and step out of it and to do so whenever you want to?

Well, that’s what our training about self-leadership is all about. When we can do that, we have the state instead of, it having us.

We can take charge of the focus state itself—that we can learn to run our own brains so that we can get the best attitude, mood, and performance out of ourselves. Wouldn’t that in itself be enough to make your day? What if you could simply step into a highly focused state when you are here in the centre or when you are creating a new move or when you are with a loved one . . . wouldn’t that make your life a little bit more wonderful?”

Course Price

You receive free articles and self-leadership coaching as part of this course. Become part of our coaching community and discover secrets to professional coaching! Our course’s regular price is $1799. Due to the limited support and performance of government-funded agencies, we are prioritising the accessibility of Self Leadership/ Coaching Genius so you can receive our valuable models and technology. We offer the most advanced human development program for just $899 on a payment plan or with an upfront 10% discount for the full price. That’s savings up to a massive 50%. And our 6-month payment plan enables you to experience pure genius strategies without the full upfront cost. Take action today and save up to $900!! Contact us now to reserve your seat on info@thecoachingcentre.com.au


We provide a highly professional and internationally recognised, three-day program for leading-edge human development to ensure you enjoy a quality professional experience. Discover the head over heels 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive absolutely no value on the first day of the course, no hassles at all, we charge only $30 for the training manual. All participants are pre-qualified to attend the first day of training, and if they wish to stay for the full three days of certification, they can nominate their preference at the end of day one. So let go of disappointment and frustration now and grab your free brochure below.

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