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Self Leadership / Coaching Genius

This program centers around embracing personal empowerment and assuming responsibility for one’s life. It acknowledges our tendency to fear our highest potential and the reluctance to fully become what we catch glimpses of during our most perfect moments, under ideal circumstances and with great courage. We may revel in the godlike possibilities we observe in ourselves during these peak instances, yet simultaneously, we tremble with weakness, awe, and fear when confronted with the same possibilities.

The course offers numerous benefits aimed at assisting individuals in achieving success and fulfillment in life. Some of these benefits include:

Emotion regulation and positive impact: Participants will gain the ability to control their emotions effectively and utilize them to positively influence various aspects of their lives.

Development of responsibility and accountability: The program facilitates the cultivation of a strong sense of responsibility and accountability for one’s thoughts and actions.

Overcoming limiting beliefs: Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that hinder individuals from realizing their full potential can be overcome through this course.

Coaching patterns and techniques: Participants will learn 14 powerful coaching patterns and over 200 additional coaching techniques. These skills can be utilized for personal growth and helping others achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurial mindset and confidence: The program fosters an entrepreneurial mindset and assists in eliminating excuses that impede progress. Participants will boost their confidence and conquer fear of failure or financial insecurity.

Calm and confident approach: Individuals will acquire the tools and skills to face challenges with composure and confidence, secure in the knowledge that they possess the means to overcome any obstacles.

Extraordinary results through systemic thinking: The program encourages thinking and working in a systemic manner, living with purpose, and taking intentional action. This approach enables participants to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Tapping into higher levels of the mind: Participants will discover methods to access the highest levels of their minds, establish powerful frames of thinking, and empower themselves to create the relationships, careers, health, and lives they genuinely desire. These tools and skills will contribute to a heightened sense of passion and fulfillment in all endeavors.

Who is this course for?

This course caters to individuals who desire to lead their own lives or embark on a coaching career in various domains. It provides practical techniques to immediately harness one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

What else can I expect from this course?

The experience of self-actualization involves embracing self-discovery and knowledge. It entails fully and vividly experiencing moments with complete concentration and absorption, devoid of self-consciousness. During such absorption, individuals can shed their pretenses, defenses, shyness, and simply engage wholeheartedly.

Assuming responsibility for oneself and one’s life is a crucial component of self-actualization. By choosing growth over fear, listening to the inner voices of impulse, and adopting honesty and responsibility, individuals make progress towards self-actualization, leading to better life choices.

Developing the skills for genius requires courage as individuals identify and relinquish typical defense mechanisms. This willingness to risk and discover one’s full humanity, despite its imperfections, allows for the emergence of an authentic self.

Self-leadership naturally emerges as individuals undertake actions such as letting go of the past and future, cultivating emotional resilience, aligning neurological levels, integrating their being, overcoming limiting beliefs, optimizing cognitive processes, clarifying values and purpose, and living a fulfilled existence.

By participating in this training, individuals can unlock the natural genius within themselves and others, gaining the skills, confidence, and drive to succeed. They will acquire the ability to manage their responses, emotions, and communication effectively while remaining focused on their dreams.

This course caters to individuals who desire to lead their own lives or embark on a coaching career in various domains. It provides practical techniques to immediately harness one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Self-leadership refers to intentionally “running one’s own brain” for a specific purpose. By managing mental and emotional states to enhance performance, individuals can achieve meaningful and significant objectives. The course offers frameworks and experiential tools to align and focus one’s thinking

Course Price

You receive free articles and self-leadership coaching as part of this course. Become part of our coaching community and discover secrets to professional coaching! Our course’s regular price is $1999. Due to the limited support and performance of government-funded agencies, we are prioritising the accessibility of Self Leadership/ Coaching Genius so you can receive our valuable models and technology.

We offer the most advanced human development program for just $799 on a payment plan or with an upfront 10% discount for the full price. That’s savings up to a massive 60%. And our 6-month payment plan enables you to experience pure genius strategies without the full upfront cost. Take action today and save up to $1200!! Contact us now to reserve your seat on info@thecoachingcentre.com.au


We provide a highly professional and internationally recognised, three-day program for leading-edge human development to ensure you enjoy a quality professional experience. Discover the head over heels 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive absolutely no value on the first day of the course, no hassles at all, we charge only $30 for the training manual. All participants are pre-qualified to attend the first day of training, and if they wish to stay for the full three days of certification, they can nominate their preference at the end of day one. So let go of disappointment and frustration now and grab your free brochure below.

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