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Emotional Intelligence Series #2

written by Dr L.Michael Hall What Is Emotional Intelligence? If I.Q. refers to intelligence generally, then it refers to your ability to think, reason, figure things out, solve problems, create solutions, etc. Given that, what does it mean when we put the word emotion in […]

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Civil Conversations

We all know tht NLP is a communication model. It is also a linguistic model and specifically, a neuro-linguistic model-we study how language affects neurology. When you study NLP, you study the Meta-Model and learn how words work to create experiences, emotions, and sense of […]

Self actualisation coaching

Self Actualisation Coaching

Self Actualisation Coaching The field of coaching has evolved significantly over the years and yet some critical aspects are the same. Unlike therapy, which focuses on healing and moving on from the past, coaching is about generative change and taking individuals to the farthest reaches […]

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Self Actualisation Characteristics

Self Actualisation Characteristics Self-actualisation is the ultimate stage of development in The Coaching Centre human development courses. It represents the point where individuals can fully utilise their talents while being aware of their human fallibilities. Self actualising is commonly used to describe a state of […]

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Introduction to Meta-Therapy

Introduction to Meta–Therapy There are people walking around in this world who are internally suffering. The suffering of some is that of confusion; they don’t know what’s going on or what to do. They feel disoriented and inadequate to living. Some live in darkness; they […]