Matrix Model Listening

If you listen, really listen, you can hear the matrix. And if you listen with your eyes, really look intensely, you can see the matrix. A person’s matrix of meaning, intentionality, emotions, and sense of self is there for the seeing and hearing, if you have ears to hear and eyes to see.

More Memory Empowerment

MORE MEMORY EMPOWERMENT ~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ By understanding memory as a dynamic process intimately related to thinking, there are actually lots of things you can do to develop a richer and more robust memory. In the […]

Empowering Your Memory

~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ While having a good memory is not a prerequisite for coaching, it certainly helps.  And while we do not explicitly train memory development in Meta-Coaching, it is fully implied in the NLP Communication […]

The Basics Give You Depth

THE BASICS GIVE YOU DEPTH ~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ During October when when completing metacoach training – I was impressed all over again about the crucial role of the coaching basics. Over and over I found myself […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a business, a career, a marriage, or a life, any single conversation can.” Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations If Meta-Coaching, as a cutting-edge […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ In Meta-Coaching we use the Axes of Change as our first and primary model for enabling people to make intelligent, robust, and ecological decisions. Specifically, we use the second axis, The Decision Axis which is based […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ In some decisions you are lucky- very lucky. To discover this think about a decision that you made which turned out really great. In fact, repeat this several times reflecting on different decisions that you made […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ If you and I are going to make great decisions, there’s another requirement. Namely, making decisions that are unbiased. Yet in saying that we now have a problem. The problem is that we all are so […]

What is resilience?

The Art and Science for Effectively Mastering Adversity We need resilience because we live in a world where things can and do go wrong, where things knock us down, where expectations are violated, where the rules of the game can completely change, where hurtful things […]

MCF Online

The Meta-Coach System and MCF Online MCF online. First of all the Meta-Coach System® provides the most cutting edge communication training available in the world today for Professional Coaches and any individual or organisation committed to rich relationships and success. Also the Meta-Coach System is […]