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Thinking – The Art Of Becoming A Mindful Thinker

As a fundamental activity, thinking is a skill. While we all think, we do not all think equally well. Some people are great thinkers. They come up with new ideas that change the world. They invent new products that improve the quality of lives. Most people are not! Though “thinking” seems so natural, inevitable, and effortless—many do not do it very well? How could thinking go wrong? How could one not think? Probably most people are poor thinkers—lazy thinkers, sloppy thinkers, muddled thinkers. Just listen to them! They are vague, imprecise, convoluted, and wrong-headed about lots of things! Many avoid engaging in real thinking. It is your most essential resource—the foundation of your humanity.
The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your experiences in life. To be a poor thinker is to have a horrible disadvantage and handicap in life. As a skill, thinking is goal-oriented and intentional. Thinking as a function and experience is also a competency. A crucial skill for managing life effectively. Determine life with precision, accuracy, and clarity gives you the ability to understand what’s happening and to make good decisions. It gives you the power to question, explore, and examine your thinking to make it more true to the outside world.

While We All Think, We Do Not All Think Equally Well.

Real thinking — is unnatural, it has to be learned, and it is work. Thinking that is real, precise, accurate, of high quality and that makes a difference in the world is a studied discipline. It is “disciplined thinking that’s clearly, rational, open-minded, precise, informed by evidence, and reflective.” Are you ready for that? Real Thinking— the Genuine Article—is precise, clear, authentic, and relevant. That makes it high quality thinking! This involves critical thinking, creative thinking, the thinking of entrepreneurs, the thinking of business leaders, the thinking of millionaires, the thinking of geniuses, the thinking of the best executives, etc. Without this, thinking and speaking become flawed in various ways— disorganized, irrelevant, ambiguous, incomplete, etc.