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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) refers to the ways our thoughts affect what we do and how we interpret brain signals. It studies how we can control our emotions and thoughts rather than them controlling us. NLP can be used to treat things such as phobias, mental health conditions, as well as general personal development and rewiring one’s thought processes to improve day to-day living. This article outlines the techniques used in NLP training.  Read on to discover the top five highly effective NLP techniques for personal development.

Modality Training

This is based on visualisation and is often recommended for people who are new to NLP because it’s easier to pick up. To begin, create a detailed scene in your head of yourself performing an action successfully. This could be anything, from having your say in a work meeting to nailing a workout. What is your body language like? It should be confident and comfortable. By focusing on feeling the energy you exude in your head, this technique should help you to manifest this in your real-life activities.


This is another simple but effective NLP technique. It involves surrounding yourself with people that inspire you and have achieved the things that you are aiming for. If you focus on modelling their behaviours, you will start to move towards them yourself. You could find a mentor or trainer, take inspiration from your boss or join a group of like-minded people. If this isn’t possible, follow people who inspire you and have a positive influence on your mindset on your social media profiles.


This may sound similar to modelling but it is actually very different and is to do with body language and communication. This NLP technique requires you to mirror the body language of the person you’re talking to. Try to match their energy level and possibly their vocabulary. This will allow you to build connections and rapport instantly – they will find you more trustworthy because you are like them.


Swish is a more advanced version of imagery training. It’s another example where you need to utilise your brain to picture something vividly in your mind. Begin with something you don’t want and make it bright and overwhelming. Next, create an image of what you do want but smaller. Then, reverse them, bringing what you do want into the spotlight with bright colours and positive features. Make the other image the small one and repeat the process three to five times. Your brain will learn how to amplify positives and reduce negatives.


Incantations are phrases you repeat to yourself while embodying what you are saying with intensity and meaning, using physiology as well as your voice to affirm your beliefs, goals and positive thoughts. This empowers your self-esteem and rewires your brain to focus on confidence and self-belief at all times.

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Shawn Dwyer is a highly experienced NLP trainer and Associate Certified Meta-Coach who is the International Meta-Coach Foundation President and leading NLP Neuro-Semantic Trainer in the Australasian region. Shawn is also a long-standing member of the International Society of Neuro Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Association of Australia. Shawn provides multiple industry leadership skills that sets The Coaching Centre training apart from all other training in human development.