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Presentation and Platform Skills

Platform and Presentation Skill Development Program for Leaders, Trainer, spanning over 12 weeks.
Irresistible Training Presentation Skills provides practical techniques you will use immediately. Skills to harness your thoughts, emotions and behaviours whilst presenting publicly and in your business.
With skills being lost for training presentation we believe business needs fast, effective, reliable platforms for business communications to operate on. Through our customised Internationally acclaimed Presentation skills your facilitation effectiveness will become highly valuable.
Learn the extraordinary skills required for engaging your audience. Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others, and find the state management skills, confidence and drive to succeed in life with presentation skills.
Shawn Dwyer
You’ll learn how to:
» Lead and manage your emotions positively
» Keynoting: Delivering Keynotes
» Voice effectiveness
» Platform Skills
» Choreographing semantic space
» State Induction
» Engagement
» Framing
» 4-Matting
» Metaphoring and Story telling
» Memorable
» Demonstrating
» Handling Questions
» Setting up Excercises
» Ice Breakers and Energisers
» Opening Loops / Closing Loops
» Managing Group Dynamics
» Handling Group Problems
» Confrontation
» Wrapping up
» Evaluating Trainings
» Imprecision

Program Schedule

Week 1: Introduction to Neuro-Semantics
Week 2: Establishing Presence
Week 3: Crafting Compelling Messages
Week 4: Storytelling Mastery
Week 5: Nonverbal Communication
Week 6: Audience Engagement
Week 7: Managing Nerves and Anxiety
Week 8: Voice Modulation and Articulation
Week 9: Handling Q&A Sessions
Week 10: Utilizing Visual Aids
Week 11: Building Authenticity
Week 12: Final Presentations and Feedback
Presenting and training principles


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