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Designed for 10 days of training over 3 to 12 months.  These days of training can be delivered for either half-day trainings or full days or even two-day intensive programs.

  • Module I: 4 days Coaching Essentials – focus: Professional Communication as a Leader
  • Module II: 3 days APG – focus:  Self- Leadership
  • Module III: 3 days Unleashing Leadership

There are many dimensions of self-actualisation, maybe there are as many dimensions as there are aspects of human experience. As we in The Coaching Centre keep studying, researching, training, coaching, and consulting on self-actualisation and enabling people to live a self-actualising life, we are discovering new dimensions.  To this end, the Self-Actualisation Training, Certification, Competency skills, and Diploma are around three of the key dimensions:

  • Professional Communication as a Leader
  • Self- Leadership
  • Unleashing Leadership

These are very different aspects of the self-actualising life and so each of them are very different as well. This makes up the Self Actualisation Leadership Diploma.

The Language Dimension – Communication and Self-Actualisation

The focus in the first module of the Self Actualisation Leadership Diploma is on identifying a person’s basic and higher communication skills so that a person can adequately and truly utilise those skills for professional leadership. When a person succeeds in doing this, it results in higher quality conversations and self communication to connect more humanly. It enables a you to discover your real self and to be authentically you. How about that!? How much is that worth? What then results from this language dimension of communication self-actualisation is authenticity- being real and authentic in yourself as a person.

After all, if you do not have professional language and energy to live your life with focus and passion, then you will not be able to be your best self or fulfil your visions and values. It takes energy for the effort of self-actualising. Where can you get that kind of energy? That energy comes from the built-in drives within your mind-body system. These drives are instinct-like but without content information. So you have to learn. You have to learn what these drives are and how to adequately and truly satisfy them. Do that, and then as they go away, the next level of drives emerge. Eventually, you move beyond the lower needs to the higher being-needs that are the truly human needs that enables us to be fully alive, fully human.

Learn models, distinctions and concepts at the cutting edge of personal development.

  • The Communication Loops Model
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Listening Skills
  • Supporting/ Rapport Skills
  • Eliciting States
  • State Management #101
  • Many Patterns For Development
  • The Meta-Programs Model
  • Precision Questioning
  • Questions and Effects
  • Detecting Patterns

This course is for the unleashing of new potentials within yourself and for deeply connecting with others!
You’ll graduate from the 3-Day Internationally Accredited Coaching Essentials with the benefits of:

  • Discovering behaviours that could be improved, and facilitative guidance about how improved performance can be achieved.
  • Powerful techniques for understanding, giving meaning to and shaping behaviour through sensory based and non judgemental feedback
  • Developing a robust and self empowering way of being in the world
  • Communication skills for deeply understanding and relating to other people of all ages
  • Understanding the structure of human development
  • Learn an advanced communication model to understand how we all communicate
  • Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said
  • Supporting and rapport skills for creating business, inter and intra-personal success
  • Fundamental psychologies of coaching
  • Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others to achieve personal goals
  • Transformational feedback skills
  • Engage the higher levels of mind
  • Practise the precision questioning model for specificity and getting to the heart of profound change.
  • Build resilience, and skills to manage your own states of mind!

The Leadership From The Inside Out Dimension – Psychological Self-Actualisation

Gain Strategies Which Will Positively Enhance What You Do On A Daily Basis
Having the skills to take charge of your responses, emotions and communication, while remaining focused and committed to the pursuit of your dreams, is what you’ll learn in Accessing Personal Genius for Self-Leadership.

The focus in the second module od the Self Actualisation Leadership Diploma refers to what is potential in human beings which can be made actual and therefore real in your everyday life. To find, identify, and develop your potentials, begin by taking on the challenge of owning and exercising your human powers as a meaning-making in constructing great and positive meanings and also in releasing limiting meanings. We refer to this as entering into the Construct and taking ownership of these powers. This lies at the heart of The Coaching Centre

Doing that then allows you to create a human Crucible whereby you can release old meanings that no longer serve you and which may, in fact, create leashes that prevent the unleashing of potentials. From this then you can create the synergy of integrating meanings and performance as you move into “the zone” of optimum performance and do so at your will. In APG we call this the “personal genius” or “flow” state. The result that follows from this is a being-doing synergy that allows you to close the knowing-doing gap.

This is the core drama of self-actualising and we talk about it as a drama in three acts: The Construct, the Crucible, and the Zone. After all, self-actualisation is a function of “both contemplation and action” (Maslow) or as we say, meaning and performance (challenge and competence). To taking ownership of meaning-making powers and ownership of your core powers from which every skill is made enables you to act on your highest meanings and sacrilize your everyday activities. That’s the synergy of self-actualisation. Would you like that?

The main components for Self Leadership training are;

  • To introduce the Meta-States model
  • To facilitate the discovery of your own Personal Genius or mastery

Why Develop Your Meta-Skills?

There are many reasons to develop meta-skills. Because you have a self-reflective consciousness, you inevitably “go meta” to your thoughts, feelings, states, and experiences. This creates a layering of your mind as you continually embed your states in various meta-level frames.

You will learn and have practical experience in leading edge Inside-Out Leadership models and be presented with concepts that have revolutionised the way that people and organisations have thought about leadership and coaching.
• Lead and manage your emotions positively
• Be increasingly responsible and accountable for your behaviour
• Take charge of your internal self-­talk and set aside negative thinking
• Skills for inside-Out Leadership and personal management
• Strategies to develop emotional intelligence
• Greater levels of emotional management
• Experience these powerful coaching patterns in this training and the ability to discover the most basic Coaching Pattern
• Learn essential language skills for developmental communication (beliefs, values, and identity)
• Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving success, lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of failure, not knowing what to do
• Never be intimidated, fearful or anxious no matter what challenges you face
• Enable extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically.
• Achieve synergistic focus and commitment in all you do. Live your purpose and act intentionally
• Eliminate negative behaviours and thought patterns
• Enrich your experience of life with more passion as you discover how to get to the highest levels of our mind and set the frames that will empower you for the kinds of relationships, career, health, etc, that you want
• Maintain a mindset of focus, self-discipline and ownership in your goal setting.

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