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Peak02 – Unleashing Potentials

Module II: Unleashing Potentials

This subject considers how to experience self-actualization as a drama in three acts: the Construct, the Crucible, and the Zone. Actualizing yourself and creativity are one and the same thing. Experience the creativity of the Construct as you create rich and abundant meanings. Then in the Crucible, de-create (de-construct) and re-create new meanings fornew transformations. Finally, in the  Zone create a fabulous synergy of meaning-and-performance so you can perform at your highest and best.


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 Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of models that empower the unleashing of potentials
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of what a crucible is and how to build your self-actualizing Crucible.
  • be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of how to Identify your Zone of Self-Actualization
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to Actualize your real self for living authentically
  • be able to demonstrate an ability to evaluate and reframe “emotions” so they support your self-actualizing transformations
  • Super-charge your attitude for peak performances


This subject will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction: What is Self-Actualisation
  • Measure self-actualizing degrees
  • Models that empower the unleashing of potentials
  • Diagnose and profile self-actualization
  • Self – Actualization Quadrants
  • Constructing Meaning
  • Levels of Meaning-Making
  • Meaning Scale
  • Meaningful core of respect and Identity
  • Self-actualizing Creator
  • Create and enter the Crucible
  • The role of meaning in the hierarchy
  • Self-actualizing Crucible.
  • Transformative experiences
  • Enter the Crucible with your drives, needs, emotions, powers, choices.
  • Reframe “emotions” to support self-actualizing transformations.
  • Transcending self
  • Self-actualizing transformation for others
  • Zone of Self-Actualization.
  • Synergize competencies, and your performances.
  • Actualize and embody high meanings, identity, and values.
  • Step in and out of that Zone
  • Capitalize on problems
  • Feedback pro to accelerate self- actualization.
  • Living authentically
  • Super-charge your attitude for peak performances


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There are many dimensions of self-actualisation, maybe there are as many dimensions as there are aspects of human experience. As we in The Coaching Centre keep studying, researching, training, coaching, and consulting on self-actualisation and enabling people to live a self-actualising life, we are discovering new dimensions. How interested are you in actualizing your highest potentials and producing your very best performances?

If these ideas attract you — then welcome to the domain called Self-Actualization! But how? How can you create the best version of you? How can you unleash your potentials and make them actual? What is the method or pathway so that you can live life in a meaningful and passionate way?

This course is for the unleashing of new potentials within yourself and for deeply connecting with others!
You’ll graduate from the 3-Day Internationally Accredited Unleashing Potentials with the benefits of:

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