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Creative Problem-Solving and Innovation

Solutions—we all want them! We want solutions for making our dreams real, for making our business success in ways far beyond our dreams. We want solutions for our health and fitness, for our relationships and loved ones, for our well-being and happiness. So in this workshop we focus on the solutions to our problems to access and actualize our dreams by means of unleashing our potentials. To do this is to self-actualize as individuals and as organizations. To do that is to become creative within ourselves and then actualize or innovate our creative hopes, dreams, and potentials into real life. “Creative Problem Solving,” is designed to solve several problems related to problem-solving. These problems may include:

  • Ineffective problem-solving skills: Many people lack the skills needed to solve problems effectively.
  • Limited understanding of problem-solving processes: Some people do not fully understand the problem-solving process, which can hinder their ability to solve problems effectively.
  • Lack of creativity and innovation: Some people struggle to come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems.
  • Difficulty in decision-making: Decision-making is a crucial aspect of problem-solving. Some people struggle with making effective decisions, which can hinder their ability to solve problems.
  • Inability to apply problem-solving skills in real-life situations: Some people struggle to apply problem-solving skills in real-life situations.
  • Lacking business direction: Some businesses struggle to progress through various situations where innovation.

The solution? Creative Problem-Solving. Overall, this course is designed to help participants become more effective problem-solvers by providing them with the essential skills, techniques, and knowledge needed to identify, analyze, and solve problems creatively and effectively. Be creatively innovative with your personal identity by tapping into and nurturing your innate creativity. Utilize your creativity to solve problems, overcome limitations, and reach your full potential. Transform your creative ideas into concrete actions, incorporating them into your personal and professional life with innovation and embodiment. Embrace this exciting opportunity to unleash and actualize your creative potentials.

Program Benefits

Graduating from the Internationally Accredited Creative Solutions course with a range of valuable benefits, including:
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Increased confidence in your abilities to generate innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Improved communication skills and the ability to collaborate more effectively with others.
  • A deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of your unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • A valuable credential recognized internationally that can enhance your career prospects and personal growth.
  • Live fully and authentically, without underestimating your potential or compromising your values
  • Stay true to yourself and act with integrity, living in harmony with your beliefs and principles.
  • Experience the natural passion and motivation that comes from a well-lived life.
  • Overcome boredom, frustration, and depression by pursuing your vision and mission in life
  • Seek out everyday “peak experiences” that bring you closer to your goals.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to quickly and efficiently address challenges that arise
  • Take control of your life and resist the influence of cultural norms or external pressures
  • To feel in charge of your own self, life and not controlled by your culture
  • Live with emotional intelligence, fully embracing the rich and varied human experience.

To be human is to have problems

It is to find problems, and it is also to create problems. You do that; I do that. And yet imagine life without problems—that’s a surefire formula for boredom. Isn’t it? The fact is that we humans don’t thrive well unless we have problems. That’s why we invent them: mathematical problems, puzzles, competitive games of skill. We need problems. And why per chance would we need problems? So we can be creative!

A problem is only a “problem” in relationship to a goal— a dream as an outcome that you want and to not have. If you do not have it, if there is a difference gap between what you have and what you want— you have a problem that needs solving. And a solution is only a solution if it enables you to reach your outcome. To create that solution requires that you first create a desired outcome and create a well-formed description of the problem. Only then will you be ready to innovate the plan that you created.

To create a solution, one must first clearly define the desired outcome and accurately describe the problem. This four-step process of achieving a desired outcome involves four distinct conversations focused on creating a well-defined outcome, problem, solution, and innovation. Each of these four conversations is driven and governed by language and requires clear and effective communication to be successful.

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Upon successful completion of this subject, students gain:

    Creative Problem-Solving — we engage in four conversations that eventually can become one conversation.
  • Outcome Conversation – For a clear goal to direct attention – Aspiration, Inspiration
  • Problem Conversation — For a precise definition – Discipline description
  • Solution Conversation – For resources to reach the outcome — Ideas for a change
  • Innovation Conversation — For the implementation plan — Practical steps
    At The Coaching Centre, we continuously study, research, train, coach, and consult on self-actualization to help individuals achieve their highest potentials and live a self-actualizing life. Through our work, we continue to discover new dimensions of self-actualization that can help individuals unlock their full potential. If you are interested in realizing your highest potentials and achieving your best performances, then you have come to the right place. Our focus is on helping you discover the best version of yourself and unleash your full potential through a proven method or pathway that will enable you to live a fulfilling and passionate life. It asks the question, “What’s next? What’s the furtherest reaches of human nature? What’s possible?”


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There are many dimensions of self-actualisation, maybe there are as many dimensions as there are aspects of human experience. As we in The Coaching Centre keep studying, researching, training, coaching, and consulting on self-actualisation and enabling people to live a self-actualising life, we are discovering new dimensions. How interested are you in actualizing your highest potentials and producing your very best performances?

If these ideas attract you — then welcome to the domain called Self-Actualization! But how? How can you create the best version of you? How can you unleash your potentials and make them actual? What is the method or pathway so that you can live life in a meaningful and passionate way?

Problem-solving is an essential skill in both personal and professional life.

Creative problem-solving techniques can help individuals and organizations find innovative solutions to complex problems. The program Creative Problem-Solving & Innovation provides valuable resources and training in creative problem-solving techniques. The program offers a variety of tools, including workshops, coaching, and online resources, that help individuals and organizations develop creative problem-solving skills. Additionally, the program has received positive feedback from participants who have reported improved problem-solving abilities and increased innovation in their work. Overall, the program Creative Problem-Solving & Innovation is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to develop their problem-solving skills and find innovative solutions to complex problems.:

  • To live fully, authentically and not sell yourself or your potentials
  • To be true to yourself, to live congruently with integrity.
  • To experience the natural passion and motivation of a life well-lived
  • To put an end to boredom, frustration, depression
  • To find and experience your vision and mission —life’s everyday “peak experiences.”
  • To create meaningful organizations, rather than de-humanizing ones.
  • To create families, companies, groups, associations that are human organizations
  • To develop problem-solving skills and get to the heart of a problem or issue quickly and efficiently and use your natural creativity to invent new and effective solutions.
  • To feel in charge of your own self and your life and not controlled by your culture
  • To live in an emotionally intelligent way and fully alive to the human experience

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