Meta-Coach Supervision And Mentoring

The pathway to mastery is through the Meta-Coach Supervision program, focused on Professional Communication skills and Meta-Coach accessibility for you to sharpen your skills in NLP and the Meta-Coach Training System. Learn the spirit of Meta-Coaching and a meta-discipline about the structure of experience.


The purpose of supervision has many benefits
1) to ensure the Coach/ Practitioner are held to a high standard of quality training and ongoing development for the benefit of themselves and their clients and
2) to align and adhere to standard practice of mental health regulations around the world and in Australia.
Coaching Supervision in the field of NLP is quite uncommon, therefore The Coaching Centre is leading the trend to create a more unified practice and help coaches and health professional to create a better practice for themselves and their clients. Supervision is essential for coaches to:
• Develop new skills and to receive guidance, assistance, and protection when starting to work in a coaching area.
• Ensure that they are maintaining a high level of practice, including how they address ethical considerations raised in coaching.
• Manage themselves and identify signs of burnout by reviewing difficult cases.
• Provide the best possible coaching service to their clients.
• Identify potential transference and counter-transference issues with clients.
Professional coaches instead of being called a Supervisor can also be called a Mentor, depending on the skill and work undertaken. Someone to help you grow your skills with clients personally and professionally. Even seasoned Professionals require supervision for continual growth of their skills.

Meta-coach supervision is an asset to a professional coach and leader, and can result in an increase in your professional credibility. At the very least, undertaking supervision is an indication of your commitment to professional development and to providing your clients with effective and appropriate coaching activity.


Nick Hagen – Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainer
Shawn has a very good depth and breath of content, knowledge and way of providing constructive feedback for improving your personal skills. Shawn is in the top few percent globally in this field and is a leader for Australia and advisor to Michael Hall on areas for improvement within the neurosemantic community. With over 10 years experience and continual learning and developing in coaching and mentoring, Shawn will be a leader in this field within the next 5 years, these high level coaching skills benefit clients on these programs that are offered.
From a neurosemantic perspective the coaching is an integration of developing those skills of running your own brain, awareness of controlling statement management and within the landscape perspective moving to your own desired state for progressive self actualisation and optimization.

Kim Dunlop – Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
I thought Shawn displayed a number of great mentoring qualities from different meta-programs being identified, blind spots, how I was operating, referencing pages in our previous manuals to read up on different techniques and constant detailed feedback. Very useful Benchmarking and supporting was great. Shawn was very supportive and always provided great insightful feedback.
I found the coaching mentoring program as a great growth session for me each week. One week it would be in a Benchmarking role, observing how coach and client interact to gain further insights into how I was operating as a coach. I also then gained so much insight as a coach from the feedback that Shawn would provide which was incredibly invaluable.

Amina Bello, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
The Design Coaching Confidence program has helped me improve personally on my journey towards being a coach. The weekly coaching session provided the opportunity to improve my coaching skills by coaching and learning from others as they also coach. The program delivery model is effective as it has allowed me to develop my sensory based communication models when coaching and interacting with others. I would highly recommend this program to aspiring coaches.

Zenda Foon, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
The value and improvement I received by being part of this program to my coaching experience has been beneficial in my development. I relied on buddy coaching sessions before but here the professional support was enough for me for my growth.
I find this program useful to me because it’s a similar coaching session to what we did in ACMC. I do not have fellow coaches around my area who want to commit to such coaching sessions so having access to this program has been of great value to me to keep up with developing my coaching skills.
The value and improvement I received by being part of this program to my coaching experience has been beneficial in my development.
Shawn’s best trait was his knowledge and skill in answering our queries with regards to being a Meta coach, starting up as a Meta coach. Knowledge within the industry.

ST Hoogwout, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
For anyone who is serious about reaching their Meta Coaching accreditation in an accelerated, structured and targeted way, this program is in my opinion the best way to do it. Taking one skill at a time, getting high quality feedback in the moment and then applying the feedback directly or in the next call, helped me reach my accreditation within a few months of completing the ACMC Training Program.

Hasse Svensrud, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
The Design Coaching Confidence Program is a really good investment if you want to improve your skills and understanding of the coaching process. Shawn provided great feedback on what I did good and what to improve. For me it was the patience and knowledge to really explain the different topics we asked about. I really got a lot out of our one to one conversations. Thank you for taking the time to do that!!

Sacha Evans, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
“l found this course to be instrumental in inspiring and encouraging me to step up – and step on in my coaching career.”

Kelly Lawson, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
Shawn knows his stuff! I’ve enjoyed Coaching Confidence and signed up for another program due to the useful and practical feedback that builds on skills and develops new ones.

Janice Cope, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
Shawn is a knowledgeable trainer for neuro semantics (NLP) + Meta Coaching.
 He is a patient encouraging trainer and creative in his approach to bringing people together to share the learning experience. I am enjoying being part of the Building Confidence Coaching sessions + know they are supporting my growth to be a better coach.

Steve Kiges, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate
“Shawn, I want to thank you for all your help over the last few months. Before our sessions I was really unclear how to move forward. You give exceptional feedback, have great insight and I learned something valuable on each of our sessions. Thank you so much!”


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