Creative solutions


Anyone who thinks for a living—who has to use his or her brains to understand situations or persons, to solve problems, to communicate to others, to design or invent products or services, to sell or persuade people, to lead and/or manage people—in other words, all knowledge workers, needs to be able to do high quality thinking— creative thinking, critical thinking, insightful thinking, predictive thinking, etc.

But who trains people on how to think? Where do you go to learn highly developed thinking skills? Answer— Brain Camp I. That’s where you can learn the science of thinking about thinking.

Everyone thinks, but we all do not think equally well. Many people are such poor thinkers, no wonder they have the problems they have! Now if thinking is ultimately a skill, then as a skill, you can greatly enhance it. You and your family, your team, your colleagues, and your company can learn to become excellent thinkers. And the transformations that inevitably follow will come back to reward you 100-fold.

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