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Career coaching is for you at any stage of your life and career to discover your unique personal style, strengths, skills and interests so that you end up with a truly satisfying role. Customise specific knowledge and skills for the job you want. While you are looking for a new position, we guarantee our focus will be directly for your individual needs. Our experience when it comes to individual career development is about listening to you. More money and job satisfaction can be obtained with the right knowledge. So by focusing on your goals being clear, we strive for what you want. Therefore this focus in our opinion, is a higher importance than what others would tell you. We are not concerned of other people’s judgement or expecting you to just accept the general employment advice. Engaging us engages specialists who provide results to YOU, for your expectations.

You will benefit from our services if you are:

  • An Educator or Health Services Provider
  • A school or university student or leaver who isn’t sure which course or career to pursue
  • Someone who is unhappy in your current career and know you are capable of more
  • Curious about other career options you may never have considered
  • Facing redundancy and looking at new career or self-employment options
  • Considering a career change but have no idea about the what or how
  • Wanting to improve your job skills, including tapping the hidden job market, enhancing your resume, developing interview skills and managing your social media profile

In addition we provide career coaching and guidance throughout Australia via Skype and telephone, and also in person throughout the Orange Region. Our office is based in the Orange CBD.

A self actualising person is a person who is being authentic, caring, learning and visionary in order to bring out the best in themself, and in others. Coaching works primarily with people who are ready to get on with the highest challenges in life.

No matter how much you have accomplished, you may find yourself in the midst of a deepening or an opening into a new version of your self, your work, and your life’s purpose. You may sense the dawning transformation of your own awareness as a result of changing life circumstances. And you may be at a place in your life where individualised attention with an experienced coach can offer you the support to make the most of your readiness for change.

Not sure if we could help?

Our expertise has evolved over 20 years through developing a broad range of industries and positions from the initial work experience to Executives and CEO. We have supported 1000’s of people with customised employment strategies throughout regional NSW

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  • Health Industry
  • Government Positions
  • Business Owners
  • Company Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Hospitality
  • Labourers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Professionals
  • Solicitors
  • Retail
  • Rural Operations
  • Small Business

Our specialty focus is in Education, Government and Health including working with;

  • Principals
  • Administration Management
  • Carers
  • Care CoOrdinators
  • Clinical Staff
  • Co-Ordinators
  • Education Industry Consultants
  • Facilitators
  • First in Charge Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Trainer/Assessors
  • University Students, prospective university students
  • Graduates of University
  • University Lecturers

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Career Coaching With The Right Help

A great Coach (a Meta-Coach) will help you see how you are maintaining the current situation (the problem). Coaching will then help you unleash the frames of mind (the underlying beliefs, the un-resourceful values and thinking patterns) that are maintaining the current problem. Without working through this first, no lasting change will occur. Change this and you change everything for yourself.
We have not found an agency that will do this. Most noteworthy a resume writer is unable to help you see this. Consequently, is your career about someone else or about what you really want?

The Coaching Centre Career Meta-Coach facilitates your personal development for greater meaningfulness, success, and contribution in life. We focus on the processes that will reliably unleash your highest and best potentials. We do that by enabling you to implement your best values into the actions that make up your performances.

Furthermore by modelling excellence in people who are actualizing their highest and best, we continue to create new models of excellence. The Coaching Centre focus is on self-actualization for individuals, companies, and communities. And because self-actualisation arises from the synergy of meaning and performance, we use the Self-Actualization Quadrants as a model and tool for enabling your self-actualization.

The Coaching Centre enables you to win the inner game so you can achieve peak performance in your outer games of everyday life and career.


Claudine Kurian, IT Leadership Professional
“Shawn is a highly talented and ethical coach, who actively listened to pinpoint areas where I could improve in and worked with me to create a realistic plan to achieve my goals. He is highly skilled and is a wonderful coach to work with. He has helped me substantially!”

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