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The Value of Social Connectedness for Our Well-Being

The idea that our social connections play a vital role in our overall health and wellness is one that resonates deeply. As an executive coach focused on relational well-being, I often highlight the concept of “social interest” in my work with clients. When I hear many conversations referencing down a hurtful path of how another person manipulated, hurt, abused the speaker etc, my coaching approach enables functioning social connectivity with people to learn and apply crucial productive attributes for being a social person.
Social interest refers to our sense of connection, empathy, and responsibility to others within our communities. It is a term introduced by Alfred Adler in the early 1900s that underscores the innate human yearning to belong.

Coaching Applications

In my decades of coaching executives, managers, teams, and individuals, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous impact that quality relationships and social connectedness have on performance, engagement, fulfillment, and overall wellness. The latest research clearly demonstrates that social interest is not just a “feel good” notion, but a key predictor of mental and physical health outcomes across the lifespan.

A seminal 2016 study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill followed subjects over time, assessing social integration through measures of relationships and support systems. The research definitively showed that greater social connectedness in adolescence and older age corresponded with better health markers like blood pressure, inflammation, and body weight. Those deprived of social ties exhibited considerably worse outcomes. In fact, the study found that social isolation in teens was comparable to physical inactivity in its damage, and worse than diabetes later in life when it came to hypertension risk.

The implication is clear for well-being

Human beings function best when embedded within a web of positive social bonds that provide meaning, support, and a sense of communal purpose. Our wellbeing truly depends on it. An individual with rich “community feeling” is more resilient in meeting life’s obstacles. The research now substantiates this – those richer in social capital have better odds overcoming adversity and demonstrating resilience.

How can we help with social connectedness?

In my executive coaching practice, I guide clients to take stock of the quality of their relationships across domains – personal and professional. We explore their communication patterns, sources of interpersonal struggle, and opportunities to cultivate deeper empathy. Often the goal is improving marriage relations, resolving workplace conflicts, or making time for friendships. The overarching aim is always to expand their social interest and relational well-being.

With individuals, I prompt self-examination of how they “show up” and contribute to collective efforts versus merely consume. With teams and organizations overall, I advocate for cultures centered on mutual care, inclusion, and connectivity. The wellness benefits ripple exponentially when social interest becomes endemic to groups.

Whether applying past social theories, the latest science, or common sense – the directives are clear. As social creatures, we must nourish the ties that bind and expand our circles of care. Our health and resilience depend greatly on the strength of our social bonds. There is no substitute for meaningful connection. I implore anyone feeling relationally impoverished to take action join a new community, volunteer locally, or access our coaching support. Boosting social interest enhances living.

Social Values

The value of social connectedness simply cannot be overstated when it comes to whole-person wellness. Research and experience make evident that human flourishing relies heavily on the quality of our relationships. I heartily recommend that everyone take stock of the status of their social interest and community bonds as a starting point to improving their overall well-being. The fundamental human necessity of companionship for navigating the obstacles that confront us are a key for living. I’ve since found, in over a decade working as an executive coach, that science has substantiated the claims – relationship quality seems indispensable to fulfilling engagement in both career and life. The ties that bind form a crucial foundation for resilience and thriving.

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