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How Do You Play the Game of Fear?

As an emotion, fear is your friend. So welcome it. Embrace it. Reasonable and appropriate fear gives you great information about how to respond more effectively as you move through the world. When we encounter bears, guns, snakes, quicksand, rapid rivers, drugs, cars, electrical wires, and a thousand other things in life, things that could threaten or endanger us, we need awareness, appropriate caution, and intelligence.
As an emotion, fear recognizes the danger and enables us to take the appropriate precautions. Fear is not our enemy. Fear of our fear— that’s our enemy. Fear of our anger, fear of our ability to bond and connect, fear of intimacy, sexuality, caring, commitment, decisiveness, assertiveness, conflict, negative emotions, loss, growing older, being playful, making mistakes, being criticized, looking like a fool, etc.
— these higher level fears are our enemies.
Why? How?
They put us at odds with ourselves.
When we fear some event or situation “out there,” we are in reference to the world and how to navigate through it. When we fear our thoughts, our feelings, our states, our beliefs, etc., we are in reference to ourselves. That sets a very different kind of frame, one that essentially says,
“I don’t trust myself… my thoughts, my emotions, my experiences.” “I don’t accept or want to think, feel, or know this or that.”

And when you build that kind of a mental map, you essentially turn your psychic (mental, emotional, personal, spiritual, physical) energies against yourself.
Which Game of Fear do you play? (Outer Game/ Inner Game)
How do you play the Game of Fear that you play? What’s the quality of this Game?
(Healthy, Unhealthy; Resourceful/ Unresourceful)

Whatever frame of reference and/or frame of mind you develop and bring to your emotional experience of “fear” (or any emotion for that matter) determines “the Game” that you will play. Whatever Game you play in life around fear comes from and reflects on some Frame that you’ve accepted, bought into, or been sold. Together, frame and game makes up the Frame Games that you play.
“I’m Just a Fearful Person” Frame Game
“You’ve Got to be Careful; the Whole World’s a Dangerous Place” Frame Game “I Know I Shouldn’t be Afraid, but I can’t Help it!” Frame Game
“It’s just an Emotion to learn from” Frame Game “Fear is my friend” Frame Game

Throughout this training manual we will be detecting and recognizing our relationship to fear as both an emotion and as a concept. This will enable us to flush out the Frame Games that we play and give us the mindfulness to choose the Frame Games that we’d prefer to play. Once you’ve identified the Frames or the Games, you’ll be able to backtrack to the “programs” or mental software that you run in your head that sets up the Frame Game. We will use the richness and elegance of Mastering Fear to then take charge, to “run our own brains” and to manage all of the higher levels of our mind. Since we didn’t come with a User’s Manual for the Brain on how to relate to and effectively master fear— we’ll use these state-of-the-art models for providing you that.

The Good News

The good news is that whatever relationship you’ve developed in regard to fear, you learned it. And if you learned it, you can unlearn it as you learn a much more effective Frame Game. The good news is that your way of relating to fear has developed from how you have mapped your experiences and understandings. Repeatedly throughout this book we will say,
It’s just a map; it’s not real; it’s not the territory.

This understanding is crucial. Sure it is “real” in your mind and body. That’s what we mean by our mind-body states, that is, by our “neuro-linguistic” states of consciousness. Once you create the mental software in your head about something, it becomes your way of thinking-and-feeling about that thing. Your map. And whatever you map inside your head then governs your body and emotions. So “inside,” it is “real.” Yet that “reality” is only as real as you believe it to be.
Internal reality” is entirely map governed.

This will become clear in the training that follows. And this is your ticket for taking full control over your mind-body states. If you think or believe (a map itself!) that the outside world “makes” you think and feel as you do; you thereby give up your personal power, choice, freedom, responsibility, and personal resourcefulness. Then you’ll never learn how to run your own brain.

Your experience with fear is just a Game … and it flows from, and makes sense by, the Frames that you have in your head. That’s the good news because it invites you to journey into the domain of truly Mastering All Fears.
We have designed Games for Mastering Fear for anyone who recognizes that fear in some form (dread, apprehension, worry, fearfulness, timidity, stress, etc.) has too big of a part of your life. This training then is for those willing to do whatever it takes to address their fears.

Benefits That This Course Will Do For You

What are we promising? Offering? What can you expect to learn, discover, experience, and receive from this training? Of the many things—here are perhaps some of the most central.

Discovery of the Secrets for Effectively Handling Your Emotions, especially your Fears. Learn how to Spot and Stop Irrational Fearing.
Eliminate needlessly amplifying fear.
Play New Emotional Games: Faith, Courage, Hope, Purpose, Intention, etc.

Access the higher levels of your mind. There’s an executive level of your mind, the part of your mind that makes decisions and empowers you to turn yourself in the direction you want to go… Discover how to access your inner CEO so that you can manage the higher levels of your mind and stop all of the Stupid Head Games that take you nowhere

Develop the kind and quality of Courage.

How to turn on and use Fear-Antidotes: faith, trust, love, confidence, courage, etc.

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