Coaching Essentials

Getting to The Meanings Behind The Words ~ Dr.L.Michael Hall To be able to achieve “deep listening”, you have to learn how to deal with words as symbols and question them to get to the references and meanings they refer to. By themselves, words do […]


Mindfulness and Meta-States What do we mean by mindfulness? To be mindful is to be present to your current situation, aware, appreciative, and in sensory-awareness. It is to be here-and-now in your awareness. It is to be conscious of what you are experiencing- present, and […]


      Businesses in NSW report they are looking at reducing operational costs. We realise many people know how to work on their business to reduce waste and therefore reduce costs, though they do not understand what it takes to complete a successful business […]

Supportive Leadership – Part 3

In this 7 part Supportive Leadership series, we will go through the leadership skills you require to be an effective business leader, manager and a highly effective communicator. Patterns form the basis to live a high quality and purposeful life. The Met-NLP Practitioner involves some […]