In this 7 part Supportive Leadership series, we will go through the leadership skills you require to be an effective business leader, manager and a highly effective communicator.
Meta-NLP Practitioner is just the beginning! In Prac. you will learn 7 models that make up the foundational models of Meta-NLP —
1) Representational Model
2) Sub-Modality or Cinematic Model
3) Meta-Model Linguistic Model
4) Meta-program Model
5) Meta-State Model
6) Strategy Model
7) Time-Line Model

Yet what you learn will indeed be just the beginning

In order to integrate what you have learned, we recommend that you take one year to read up on each of these models and practice using them. Join our Meta-NLP Practice group in Orange that meets once a month(at the Coaching Centre, near Coles) to practice skills and coaching to international coaching standards. This event is sponsored by The Coaching Centre – Australia. That’s right, its free for you, ongoing support!
We also offer coach training programs and personal leadership programs where you will stay up to date with all that’s available in the western region of NSW in Supportive Leadership, and at an international level!
To learn the art of Meta-NLP Practitioner join us today in the internationally certified Meta-NLP Practitioner, where you learn the skill of Meta-NLP Practitioner to International Benchmark Standards

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Meta-NLP Practitioner
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