Mindfulness and Meta-States
What do we mean by mindfulness? To be mindful is to be present to your current situation, aware, appreciative, and in sensory-awareness. It is to be here-and-now in your awareness. It is to be conscious of what you are experiencing- present, and not lost in thought about some other time and place.
If you ask, ‘Where did these distinctions come from’? The answer is from a combination of Developmental Psychology and Self-Actualisation Psychology.
Developmental Psychology informs us about how we grow and develop over the lifespan. Why is this important and how does it relate to Self Leadership? It’s important because one of the key interference’s that prevent people from unleashing their highest potentials involves how a person can get stuck at various stages of development. For example, people can so easily get stuck when they don’t recognize or claim their innate powers for responding. Or they can get stuck when they don’t value, accept, and appreciate themselves. Or they can get stuck when they don’t know how to enjoy and endow things with joy and pleasure.
Why this training for you?
If you’re ambitious but tired of average or irregular wins on the board. You realise there’s room to improve and you can do and have more, you want consistency to experience real traction in your personal and professional experiences. You want to see better results, have exceptional communication skills, bring the best out of others, lead out well in all areas of your life, be grounded in experience and state, have work life balance, set and maintain your personal and professional boundaries.

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