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Getting To The Thinking Behind Words

GETTING TO THE THINKING BEHIND THE WORDS ~By Shawn Dwyer and Dr Michael.Hall~ Perhaps the most obvious thing about coaching is that to coach you have to use words. Since coaching is a conversation, you begin a “coaching conversation” by asking a question,”What do you […]

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Civil Conversations

We all know tht NLP is a communication model. It is also a linguistic model and specifically, a neuro-linguistic model-we study how language affects neurology. When you study NLP, you study the Meta-Model and learn how words work to create experiences, emotions, and sense of […]

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What is a MetaCoach?

What is a MetaCoach A metacoach is a type of coach who specializes in teaching individuals how to coach themselves effectively. This approach is based on the principles of Neuro-Semantics, which is a field of study that focuses on how the brain processes and interprets […]

for developing the kind of relationships with eating and exercising that gives us health, energy and vitality.

Self-Actualizing Attitude

THE SELF-ACTUALIZING ATTITUDE Are you looking for a better way to view the world? Perhaps consider a Self-Actualizing attitude! Then to detail that self-actualizing attitude, the following are listed for your consideration. 1) An open attitude. Open to the possibilities and potentials that clamor within, […]


With Meta-Stating, You Have A Meta-Scape

A big misunderstanding of Meta-States is that it is just academic or intellectual. Wrong! It’s wrong because every state is dynamic—it is alive, moving, fluid and it is comprise of emotions and somatic commitments. To understand this, let’s start with something simple like the learning state. When you are in a learning state, what is occurring?

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To go deep with the person, inquire about the person’s definitions of terms, how she understands what she’s talking about, and what he is assuming without questioning. Surface conversations skim over a person’s words assuming that the other person uses his words in exactly the same way you do. Deeper conversations don’t make that assumption, but recognizes that each person operates from her linguistic definitions.

Unleashing Leadership

Coaching Blind Spots

~by Michael.Hall~ “In life, the person with the fewest blind spots win.” Farnam Street, The Great Mental Model “To know that we know what we know and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge” Confusius As a Meta-Coach, […]


So the ultimate challenge is a challenge to your client’s frames.

So prefame things, “If we find a problem or something that you think is ‘the
dark side,’ I want you to know that you are not the problem. If there is a
problem, the frame is the problem.”