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Competence – The Solution


When it comes to biases— especially the social biases that dominate almost all human societies, competence is the solution. Consider how we have solved the problem of gender bias in The Coaching Centre. There is not a single activity or policy that we have the discriminates against any woman because she is a woman. For example: as a female, she can be a student, assist team member, leader, follower, NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner, co-trainer, trainer, business associate, a member of the Board … every single position in The Coaching Centre is completely and totally open to any woman. Being female does not privilege her or disadvantage her. Therefore, if she has learned and developed the competency, if she has fulfilled the requirements, it is hers. 

Bias – Not A Distinction

The same can be said for racial bias, sexual bias, ethnic bias, etc. And we have had and continue to have people of all these, and more, persuasions as Leaders, influencers, Coaches, Trainers, on our Leadership Team, etc. If there is any policy that demonstrates or shows any of these biases — point it out to us and we will immediately change it. I know of none. Male or female, straight or gay, white or black or any other color, rich or poor— these are not distinctions that we make. 

However We Do Make Distinctions.

Primarily we discriminate on competency. We provide specific benchmarking skills on some 50+ skills (and hundreds on subskills) so a person can see where they are operating through the levels of competency and where specific behaviours can develop.Can a person do what he or she claims to be able to do? We also discriminate on character. Does the person hold to and live by the principles and values of The Coaching Centre— respect and honour of persons, collaboration, giving credit, holding up the standards and ethics, etc. 

Who Can Do This?

In fact, anyone can learn and inquire into the importance of competence through our developmental programs. And when you do that, what becomes clear is that self-passive reflection alone is beneficial, but not sufficient. To accelerate your leading edge developmentally, you need to be active in your self-inquiry and make sure you have clear input from a developmental coach who can identify your blind spots. If you don’t currently have a certified coach from the Coaching Centre, you’re putting the brakes on your own leading development.

Competence Policy and Process

Beyond competence and character, we have built a regional coaching centre right at the heart of regional NSW (Orange CBD), and we are part of national and international communities, without being part of any bias. Yes a big statement, and we are fully committed. Therefore our policies are quite unique due to taking people to higher levels personally, professionally and ethically. So if you know or experience some policy here at The Coaching Centre that biases (favors) certain people over other people — immediately let us know. We will correct that. 

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