Unleashing Vitality

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For Seeking the Peak of Vitality And Your Real Authentic Self
8-10 June 2019
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unleashing vitality

Why you need to attend?

• To live fully, authentically and not sell yourself or your potentials short.
• To be true to yourself, to live congruently with integrity.
• To experience the natural passion and motivation of a life well-lived.
• To put an end to boredom, frustration, depression.
• To find and experience your vision and mission —life’s everyday “peak experiences.”
• To create meaningful organizations, rather than de-humanizing ones.
• To create families, companies, groups, associations that are human organizations.
• To develop problem-solving skills and get to the heart of a problem or issue quickly and efficiently and use your natural creativity to invent new and effective solutions.
• To feel in charge of your own self and your life and not controlled by your culture.
• To live in an emotionally intelligent way and fully alive to the human experience.
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Benefits of the Training:— What Do You Want?

Learn to use The Self-Actualization Assessment Scale to assess where you are in meeting your basic and higher needs as a human being.
• Learn to cope effectively with your needs– truly and adequately.
• Create more energy, vitality by release old coping mechanism.
• Develop your foundation to become well-grounded in gratifying your essential needs.
• Free yourself from psycho-gratifications of lower needs that keeps you stuck at the shallow life.
• Identify your self-actualization needs and how to effectively gratify them.
• Move into the Meta-Life to tap into the higher energies for full vitality.
• Experience the new restlessness of the self-actualizing life for a higher level of Vitality.
• Find and experience an inspiration for living passionately.
• Release your potentials and have more of yourself available for life.
• Release new levels of vitality.
• Intentionally cultivate peak experiences.

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Day 1: Developing Your Foundational Identity— Biological Vitality.
Day 2: Seeking the Peak of Your Meta-Life Identity—Becoming a Self-Actualizer.
Day 3: Living at the Peak — “Peaking” Skills for being Fully Alive/Fully Human.
First you will identify your foundational biological identity, assess how you are currently handling your biological drives, and learn how to effectively fulfill your “lower” needs. Next you will explore what it means to seek the peak of your higher identity as a human being and assess how well you are coping with those drives. Finally, you will experience some of the
“peaking” skills that will enable you to live authentically with the integrity that brings out your highest passions and vitality.

Being and Becoming

Abraham Maslow defined self-actualizing as a process of being and becoming, a process that ends with tremendous aliveness and vitality:
“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be. He must be true to his own nature. This need we may call self-actualization.” (1970, p. 46)
“The fully functioning human being has a zest for life.” (1996: 97)

coaching questions

• Do you know who you truly are and who you can become?
• Do you have a zestful sense of vitality in being and becoming that identity?
• Would you like to? Are you ready for that level of transformation?
• Are you alive and awake to the wonder of life?

Unleashing Your Real Self in this self-actualization workshop is designed to enable you to identify your real identity as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being so that it unleashes your energy and vitality for a full and expressive life.

Self Actualization

Coping and Mastering Your Needs

You will learn The Self-Actualization Assessment Scale so you can identify precisely where you are and what needs to be done to take the next step of your development. You will also experience the Self-Actualization Checklist to determine how self-actualizing your life is today and your next steps for unleashing more of your potentials.
Identity: Do you have a real self? If so, what do you need to become your Real Self? What stands in the way? What we learn in Self-Actualization Psychology is that we are not born human or real—this is what we become if we find and develop our highest and best. This is what occurs if you discover your uniqueness and courageously learn to become an authentic human being.
How will you know when you have developed your identity so that you have and operate from your Real Self? You trust yourself, you know yourself, you know who you are, you know where you’re going (direction), you know what you want (passion), and you know who is going with you.
Danger: The opposite is human diminution and neurosis—two forms of failing to grow personally into full humanness. Both are a falling short of what you could be or should be.
When you lose your real self, your humanness is diminished.
“The person who can’t study, or who can’t sleep, or who can’t eat many foods has been diminished as surely as the one who has been blinded. The cognitive losses, the lost pleasures, joys, and ecstasies, the loss of competence, the inability to relax, the weakening of the will, the fear of responsibility— all these are diminutions of humanness.” (1971:32)
Then when you are fully yourself, fully human, you will have an intrinsic vitality about living!
“The people we call ‘sick’ are the people who are not themselves,” they “have built up all sorts of neurotic defenses against being human.” (1971: 51, 51)

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Levels of Identity

You do not just have an identity, you have levels of identity. First is your Biological Identity. Who you are in your body, constitutionally, in your animal urges, needs, tensions, tastes—capacities, what you’re fitted for. Then there is your Peak or Higher Identity. Who you are in your highest potentials, in your highest personality development, in your self-transcendence living in the realm of being driven by the being-needs for the being-values.

unleashing vitality

Unleashing Your Real Self enables you to find and experience your full humanness—a scary thing. It is scary in that you will come face to face with your wonderful and glorious fallibility and mortality— factors that make life precious. It is scary also because you’ll come face to face with your greatness— with the mystery and wonder of your untapped potentials. You develop your base identity as an embodied being with a whole array of animal appetites and learn how to “be a good animal with healthy appetites” (Maslow). And you’ll develop your peak identity of your Real Self—the you that only you can uniquely be and become. And there you will learn the mysteriousness of the peak experience as you transcend yourself, even if only for a moment, and live in the realm of being— being your best self, you at your most perfect moments.
It is the synergy of the two (base and peak identity) that makes you real— authentic. So the design is to set you on a journey of self-discovery, one in which you will come to “know thyself,” one in which you always get to take the next step into being your Real Self— fully vulnerable, open, creative, fun-loving, caring, and gloriously valuable.

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Imagine a scale for vitality of life. Imagine that each day when you get up and each day when you return from work or before you go to bed, you step on your Vitality Scale. If there was such a scale, what would it read?

Self-Actualization is synonymous with experiencing vitality (energy, passion) in every aspect of living. Self-actualizing people are alive and awake to the wonder of life and relationships and challenges. The so-called “motivation problems” that people struggle with is never about “motivation” as such, it is about needs, need gratifications, the meanings you give to such, and the skills you have for effectively activating and actualizing your drives.
• How fully alive and passionate about life are you on a daily basis?
• How much energy and vitality do you have for the activities of your life?
• How emotionally vibrant are you? Or how emotionally flat, tired, worn out, depressed?
• What would you do to activate the full vitality within you that’s ready to be unleashed?

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The pseudo-problem that so many people in business, politics, health and fitness, and self development seem blindly committed to solving is the so-called “motivation problem.” But there is no motivation problem! Human beings come loaded with all the motivation that they will ever need.
The problem is not motivation—it is the interferences we create against that inner, innate motivation or the way we fail to access it. The problem is understanding our inner needs and drives that create the energy reservoir of motivation within us, discovering how to effectively gratify those drives, tap into their un-ending energy, and move to the highest drives—the self actualization drives that moves us with a passion to become fully and completely everything we are designed to be. This energy, this motivation, this vitality is called “self-actualization.”
The problem isn’t motivation— it is discovering the human way of handling all of the energies within you—your lower basic needs so that your highest drives will fully emerge. Most humans today are still living at too low a level on their hierarchy of needs. They act as if food, water, shelter, sex, money, etc. are “the meaning of life.” They are not; they cannot be. Nor can any lower need carry that level of significance. Trying to live at that level either causes a person to become stuck at the animal level of existence, or focused on some psycho-gratification (psychoeating, psycho-spending, psycho-sexing, etc.)—all attempts at trying to load up a lower need as if it could operate as “the purpose of life.” It can’t.


Unleashing Vitality

Self-Actualization Training
The Coaching Centre Self-Actualization Workshops defines and facilitate individuals and organizations to experience self-actualization. This means being your best self, being real, feeling alive and unleashing your highest potentials. We begin with your personal self-actualization so you can access the energy (vitality) you will need to unleash what is potential within you. Doing that enables you to find your “real self” and become authentic. Then we move to the area of creative problem-solutions, how to do that, and then to self-actualizing organizations, companies, and communities as you lead a group or company to create and innovation those solutions in the world.

Unleashing Vitality (Fully Alive / Fully Human)

Developing inner energies for Aliveness to be released in Living the Higher Life
Discover Who you really are as a human being— your real self and how to be Real.
1. Developing Your Base — for the Vitality of a Self-Actualizing Identity
2. Seeking Your Peak— for a highly energized Meta-Life
3. Living the Vitality— of the new restlessness of actualizing your best


Self-Actualization Training is based on Self-Actualization Psychology— the psychology of how to actualize (make real and actual) what is a latent potential within you and in others. It is therefore the positive psychology of living life fully and humanly. Unlike the early psychologies that focused on trauma, hurt, and pathology, Self-Actualization Psychology focuses on how to live life after you are a basically psychologically healthy person. It asks the question, “What’s next? What’s the furtherest reaches of human nature? What’s possible?” The early developers of Self-Actualization Psychology— Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Rolla May, etc. — founded the first Human Potential Movement. It failed as a movement due to not being able to apply its findings to itself and not identifying reliable models and methods for facilitating self-actualization. Based on NLP and Neuro-Semantics, the second Human Potential Movement was launched in 2007 upon finding and developing several reliable models:
• The Self-Actualization Quadrants
• The Meaning—Performance Axes
• The Matrix Embedded Pyramid
• The Self-Actualization Assessment Scale
Now you can learn these models and apply the methods to your own life and the lives of those who you wish to touch.

Unleashing vitality

Self-Actualization Psychology involves many dimensions wherein we can actualize more and more of ourselves and our potentials. Some of the dimensions that we focus on in this series of trainings are as follows.

Vitality— Biological Self-Actualization

Focus: Identifying the basic and higher needs and learning how to adequately and truly satisfy them. When you succeed in doing this— vitality! You experience the vitality of physical, mental, and emotional energy or a high level of motivation to live more fully and humanly. It enables one to discover one’s real self and to be authentically you.
The Anticipated Result: Authenticity— finding and being your real self.

Vitality is a function of your biology and your psychology. These dimensions of experience operate together, hence bio-psychological. To tap into and release your physical and mental vitality—we have to understand the operating of our neurology, physiology and how they are influenced by our psychology. That’s what this training is about.
Vitality is a sign of well-being, health, and aliveness. When a person lacks vitality, something is just not right. Energy is being diverted to unfulfilled needs or needs that have been distorted. That’s what we will seek to discover and correct. “The peak experience is essentially an overflowing of energy.” (Colin Wilson, 1972, p. 21)
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Qualification And Recognition

You receive your certification as part of the Unleashing Vitality Qualification including;
The following Modules of the Meta-Coach System
Day 1: Developing Your Foundational Identity— Biological Vitality.
Day 2: Seeking the Peak of Your Meta-Life Identity—Becoming a Self-Actualizer.
Day 3: Living at the Peak — “Peaking” Skills for being Fully Alive/Fully Human.
Your Unleashing Vitality is accredited and recognised nationally through The Coaching Centre and internationally accredited and recognised through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-Coach Foundation.

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