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Designing your own coaching confidence is about Coach Mentoring and Supervision programs that are focused on developing your skill to become a professional communicator. these skills include;
Professional Communication and Coach accessibility in Mentoring for material comprised of NLP and the Meta-Coach System frameworks.
Enhancing your meta-coaching skills for;
Supporting clients with a state of care,
Being present with the art of listening,
Using precision questioning with your focus of curiosity,
Exploring the clients world with meta questioning,
Empowering your client through inducing a state of expressiveness and more.
Improving coach efficiencies through coaching conversations based on the Meta-Coach System is what our program will provide you.
Mentoring and Supervision for Leaders who want to step up their professional communication and influence effectively.
You rate for increasing client outcomes to increase the quality of their life will significantly improve.
What is unique about this program is you learn about growing business skills based on your coaching business.
Learn what’s involved in developing systems for an effective coaching practice
Coach Supervision entry stages for coaches are;

  • Stage 1 Coaching Essentials
  • Develop your competencies for Coaching Essentials

  • Stage 2 Meta-NLP Practitioner
  • Accelerate your competencies for Coaching Essentials and Meta-NLP

  • Stage 3 Coaching Genius
  • Accelerate your competencies for Coaching Genius

  • Stage 4 Meta-NLP Master Practitioner
  • Accelerate your competencies for Coaching Genius and Master Prac

    Stage 5 ACMC

    ACMC is where you gain competence in coaching mastery

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