Businesses in NSW report they are looking at reducing operational costs. We realise many people know how to work on their business to reduce waste and therefore reduce costs, though they do not understand what it takes to complete a successful business improvement strategy to sustain cost reduction in the day to day running. Businesses engage in The Coaching Centre not only for professional coaching but also as the best Lean specialist, to show you how to incorporate your implementation strategy and fight the war on waste for good!
Typically the most under utilised asset business have is their intellect. So lets start there…


Knowledge – The most frequently overlooked waste in operations is the waste of our employee’s knowledge. A typical employee with over a year of experience will know their position well enough, if trained on the 7 prior lean wastes, to identify all the lean waste in their daily activity and be able to provide valuable ideas for improvement. This expertise must be respected and harvested to leverage across the entire operation.
The business environment is one that is largely made up, by design, skilled team members, supervisors, team leaders and managers. In other words, the majority of business employees are driving down the road or in the business engaged in “real work”. Yet as leaders we are not totally engaging them!
This lack of engagement is a terrible waste of humanity.

Who Sees Daily Problems In Business

These team members live the problems, see and feel the problems (and at times cause the problems), yet we continue to ignore the potential the entire organisation brings to solving problems at the root cause.
Success in building a problem solving culture is number one for any company looking to begin the lean journey.
Some Intellect examples

  • Poor communication with employees
  • Carelessness or lazyness
  • Not addressing the previous 7 lean wastes
  • Lack of training
  • No induction
  • Rushing a job making mistakes
  • No standardised work
  • Knowledge of the current work not being sought by supervisors
  • Attitude

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