In this 7 part Supportive Leadership series, we will go through the leadership skills you require to be an effective business leader, manager and a highly effective communicator.
In communication, we communicate from a state to a state. This makes states critical and our ability to recognize and manage our states essential.

What is a State?

A state is a mental emotional state, a dynamic mind-body state of experience or being that operates as an experiential energy field.
The three core skills in inducing states involve eliciting, anchoring, and induction.
Additionally we include State Management skills to support your best in managing states whether they are primary states or meta states.
We have four central expressions of state, don’t confuse them with state frames!
When you meta-state, you are setting a frame. Most NLP people don’t know this because they don’t know the Meta-States Model or don’t appreciate its depth and it is here that the Meta-States Model takes NLP to several new levels and dimensions.
If you bring a state of “resilience” to a state of “disappointment,”
“frustration,” “worry,” etc., you set a frame of “I’ll get through this,” “I won’t let this defeat me,” “I’ll bounce back,” etc. that’s because these ideas are inside of resilience. So in meta-stating resilience to disappointment, you do not just bring the new feeling to primary feeling, but you also are setting a reference frame that re-calibrates the disappointment. Now the disappointing thoughts-and-feelings are inside of a new category-that of resilience. This changes everything! Talk about a very, very powerful transformational process. And you can do it in such a simply profound way, by accessing and applying one state to another. So simple in process, and yet so profound in effect!
To learn the art of inducing states join us in the join us in the fun filled internationally certified Meta-NLP Practitioner, where you learn the skill of Supporting to International Benchmark Standards
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