In this 7 part Supportive Leadership series, we will go through the leadership skills you require to be an effective business leader, manager and a highly effective communicator. Patterns form the basis to live a high quality and purposeful life. The Met-NLP Practitioner involves some of the most life enhancing and fundamental patterns you will ever need to highly succeed in life. There are well over 30 patterns (and over 150 to research) explored throughout the training. In this part we are going to talk about patterns and strategies…
Suppose you wanted the recipe for a delicious dish. What do you need in order to create that delicious dish? You would need specific information about the elements to use, the amounts, the order for mixing them together, temperature, etc. The same kind of thing holds with regard to detecting and using the structure of subjective experiences to create an experience of excellence. We call these strategies and patterns.


Another pattern is “Time” – The Great Nominalization. How do you code time?
You have never walked out of your front door and stumbled over a hunk of “time.” You couldn’t if you wanted to. “Time” doesn’t exist “out there” in the world. To have “time” we have to have a human mind that can reflect onto itself. People in different cultures operate from different concepts of time, have you ever noticed that? For a full list of patterns in the Meta-NLP program go to our website
To learn the art of patterns and strategies join us in the fun filled internationally certified Meta-NLP Practitioner, where you learn the skill of using Patterns to International Benchmark Standards

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