~ Article by DrL.Michael Hall and Shawn Dwyer ~ Finding, building, developing, and applying resources to a problem or the person is perhaps NLP’s par excellence contribution for creating solutions.That makes it inherently a solution focus approach as a Meta-Coach. When you learn NLP, you learn […]

Completing What You Start

~ Article by Dr.L.Michael Hall and Mr Shawn Dwyer  ~   Complete What We Start Setting goals is one thing, completing them is another. Success often depends more upon persistently staying with a goal than starting. In that way, when things get tough, you persevere and complete what you […]

Coaching as a Discovery of Meaning

~ Article by Dr.L.Michael Hall and Mr Shawn Dwyer  ~ Because meaning is constantly changing, as I noted in the last post, it is unstable. Being unstable, meaning and the construction of meaning allows you to form, unform, and reform it. Meaning is co-created between you as a Meta-Coach […]

Ego Investment and Coaching

When A Coach’s Needs Get In Your Clients Way – Ego ~ Article by Dr.L.Michael Hall and Mr Shawn Dwyer  ~ It can happen. Your needs, drives, and unfinished issues can get in the way of your client reaching his or her goals or even experiencing an effective coaching session. […]

Competance – The Solution

FOR GENDER BIAS, RACIAL BIAS, SEXUAL BIAS, ETHNIC BIAS AND EVERY OTHER BIAS When it comes to biases— especially the social biases that dominate almost all human societies, competence is the solution. Consider how we have solved the problem of gender bias in The Coaching Centre. There is not a single […]

The Basics Give You Depth

THE BASICS GIVE YOU DEPTH ~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ During October when when completing metacoach training – I was impressed all over again about the crucial role of the coaching basics. Over and over I found myself […]


EQUALITY & COLLABORATION ~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ In One Way, And One Way Only, Can We All Be Considered Equal We are equal in terms of human value. Now that statement is an assertion of a belief […]


~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ The Concepts of Time To get over the past, you need to understand about the concept that we call “time”-what it is, what it is not, what you are actually referring to when […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a business, a career, a marriage, or a life, any single conversation can.” Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations If Meta-Coaching, as a cutting-edge […]