Learn How To Run Your Own Brain With NLP At The Coaching Centre

NLP communication has been around for many decades yet people still have not heard of what NLP can do to increase the quality of life. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and was developed out of general semantics from the 1930’s. So why have we not heard of NLP?
Did you know The Coaching Centre are a local training company in Orange NSW who deliver accredited programs in NLP? So we ask their licensed NLP Trainer Shawn Dwyer “Tell us about NLP and the benefits to learning some of the NLP Practitioner program”;
NLP has been used for many decades to support your way of life that enhance your beliefs, emotions and thoughts about any given subject. NLP is trained and used worldwide by thousands of people. We deliver various NLP programs with the international certified NLP Practitioner being 8days, split over two 4 day blocks.” Some of the concepts that are included when learning NLP at The Coaching Centre are;

The Communication Model

Firstly, the communication model was highlighted decades ago by Alfred Korzybski through his work in 1930s when he stated the map is not the territory. People respond according to their maps of the world, not the world itself. Therefore in NLP we learn to respect each person’s model of the world by learning the theory and diagram of the NLP communication model. While people hold various learning, memory and emotions as valuable to them. People actually map out an experience in a unique way, leading to their own version of reality. Have you ever realised that? Have you “not got along” with someone due to seeing things differently? How could we ever remember the same parts of a situation?

VAK Representational Systems

The mind-body connection of human experience is through the 5 senses and how we represent in it the movie of our mind. Through our representation we layer meaning onto an event. And the more we think about an experience, the more layered are the meanings we give to it. Our human body receives information through our senses and then through thinking and feeling we represent and evaluate our experience(s).
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States and Primary States

Through the process of how outside events, cause a mind-body-emotion connection and resulting in our behaviour, we can model our experiences and learn to run our own brain. In NLP you learn to become aware of body language via activities in calibrating to another person.

Principles Of Effective Communication

Communication is more than just speaking, it is about listening, givig and receiving feedback, watching and calibrating. And we can mis-communicate more than we can communicate, so through NLP you can now learn effective communication techniques to gather information and run our own brain.
A higher quality of life is achieved by managing the components of our communication, whether we are by ourself or when we are communicating to others. It is an amazing difference when we realise “the meaning of our communication is through the response we get!” This principle was part of my first experience of NLP where i started to see better ways to communicate. I found the 18 original NLP principles and started to use them in my life. And I really did experience a new way of being in how I could communicate more effectively with other people. Many people even said the same.

Learn NLP at The Coaching Centre in Orange, Regional NSW

And I felt alot better too as learning NLP wasn’t hard, but a fun new way to accurately see things. It is amazing there is never two people the same!
As a result from our programs there are many testimonials on the site by people around the Central West highlighting when they come and learn NLP.
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