Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Your Real Self

In this self-actualization workshop is designed to enable you to identify your real identity as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being so that it unleashes your energy and vitality for a full and expressive life.
Unleashing Your Real Self enables you to find and experience your full humanness—a scary thing. It is scary in that you will come face to face with your wonderful and glorious fallibility and mortality— factors that make life precious. It is scary also because you’ll come face to face with your greatness— with the mystery and wonder of your untapped potentials. You develop your base identity as an embodied being with a whole array of animal appetites and learn how to “be a good animal with healthy appetites” (Maslow). And you’ll develop your peak identity of your Real Self—the you that only you can uniquely be and become. And there you will learn the mysteriousness of the peak experience as you transcend yourself, even if only for a moment, and live in the realm of being— being your best self, you at your most perfect moments.


Imagine a scale for vitality of life. Imagine that each day when you get up and each day when you return from work or before you go to bed, you step on your Vitality Scale. If there was such a scale, what would it read?

Self-Actualization is synonymous with experiencing vitality (energy, passion) in every aspect of living. Self-actualizing people are alive and awake to the wonder of life and relationships and challenges. The so-called “motivation problems” that people struggle with is never about “motivation” as such, it is about needs, need gratifications, the meanings you give to such, and the skills you have for effectively activating and actualizing your drives.
• How fully alive and passionate about life are you on a daily basis?
• How much energy and vitality do you have for the activities of your life?
• How emotionally vibrant are you? Or how emotionally flat, tired, worn out, depressed?
• What would you do to activate the full vitality within you that’s ready to be unleashed?

Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Vitality Intro Day

For Seeking the Peak of Vitality And Your Real Authentic Self
Learn to use The Self-Actualization Assessment Scale to assess where you are in meeting your basic and higher needs as a human being.
• Learn to cope effectively with your needs– truly and adequately.
• Create more energy, vitality by release old coping mechanism.
• Develop your foundation to become well-grounded in gratifying your essential needs.
• Free yourself from psycho-gratifications of lower needs that keeps you stuck at the shallow life.
• Identify your self-actualization needs and how to effectively gratify them.
• Move into the Meta-Life to tap into the higher energies for full vitality.
• Experience the new restlessness of the self-actualizing life for a higher level of Vitality.
• Find and experience an inspiration for living passionately.
• Release your potentials and have more of yourself available for life.
• Release new levels of vitality.
• Intentionally cultivate peak experiences.