Cognitive Distortions

COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS AMONG PROTESTORS ~ Article by DrL.Michael Hall and Shawn Dwyer ~ For anyone who wants to protest something, if you want to truly win minds and hearts and bring change to a system, a community, or an organization- you’re going to have to use your […]

Parenting #101

~ Article by Shawn Dwyer and Dr.L.Michael Hall ~ You Parent as You Were Parented! Parenting #101 – Would like to hear something really scary? You will tend to parent as you were parented. Now scream and get it out. That’s right, and a little more screaming, […]

Super-Charge Your Ego-Strength

SUPER-CHARGE YOUR EGO-STRENGTH ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer, ACMC ~ What we call ego-strength is the strength that a person has in his or her sense of self to look reality in the face without blinking. It is the […]

limiting belief

Childhood Perception Part 1 – Limiting Beliefs Written by Shawn Dwyer at The Coaching Centre Limiting beliefs involve the specific cognitive style of processing information. When unconscious parts form or limiting beliefs originate, they result from the brain operating in certain ways. These parts, or […]