More Memory Empowerment

MORE MEMORY EMPOWERMENT ~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ By understanding memory as a dynamic process intimately related to thinking, there are actually lots of things you can do to develop a richer and more robust memory. In the […]

Empowering Your Memory

~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ While having a good memory is not a prerequisite for coaching, it certainly helps.  And while we do not explicitly train memory development in Meta-Coaching, it is fully implied in the NLP Communication […]

The Basics Give You Depth

THE BASICS GIVE YOU DEPTH ~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ During October when when completing metacoach training – I was impressed all over again about the crucial role of the coaching basics. Over and over I found myself […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ If you and I are going to make great decisions, there’s another requirement. Namely, making decisions that are unbiased. Yet in saying that we now have a problem. The problem is that we all are so […]

Becoming Real in Relation to Others

Becoming Real in Relation to Others ~ Written by Dr.L.Michael Hall You are not only a human being, one with identity and value, nor are you only a doer, a person who takes action and develops skills, you are also a social being. The sub-matrix […]


Mindfulness and Meta-States What do we mean by mindfulness? To be mindful is to be present to your current situation, aware, appreciative, and in sensory-awareness. It is to be here-and-now in your awareness. It is to be conscious of what you are experiencing- present, and […]