~ Article by DrL.Michael Hall and Shawn Dwyer ~ Coaching and training often brings us in close contact with people who have (or think they have) Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). For nearly 25 years, our analysis is this- People are more […]

Cognitive Distortions

COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS AMONG PROTESTORS ~ Article by DrL.Michael Hall and Shawn Dwyer ~ For anyone who wants to protest something, if you want to truly win minds and hearts and bring change to a system, a community, or an organization- you’re going to have to use your […]

Cognitive Fallacies In Everyday Language

~ Article by Dr.L.Michael Hall and Mr Shawn Dwyer  ~ In ancient times, tribunals accused certain persons (usually women) of being “witches.” If a woman denied that she was a witch, the denial was used as proof that she was a witch. The reasoning was this, […]

When You Deal with a Short-Term Thinker

~ Article by Shawn Dwyer and Dr.L.Michael Hall ~ Short-term thinkers- these are the people who focus on the short-term benefits, gains, and results when going after a goal. This would be a good thing except that they are so focused on the short-term, they do […]

More Memory Empowerment

MORE MEMORY EMPOWERMENT ~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ By understanding memory as a dynamic process intimately related to thinking, there are actually lots of things you can do to develop a richer and more robust memory. In the […]

Empowering Your Memory

~ Article co-written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ While having a good memory is not a prerequisite for coaching, it certainly helps.  And while we do not explicitly train memory development in Meta-Coaching, it is fully implied in the NLP Communication […]


~ Article by Shawn Dwyer – Meta-Coach President International ~ Anxiety, what is it really? Recently I’ve been working on material, patterns and practices for coaching anxiety in clients. Part of the process required research into the human orders and their description under our current health […]


~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Just as a person can get out of control, so can thinking.  Thinking can get out of control.  Nor is that all that uncommon.  It may happen to you, or someone you love, […]

The Basics Give You Depth

THE BASICS GIVE YOU DEPTH ~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ During October when when completing metacoach training – I was impressed all over again about the crucial role of the coaching basics. Over and over I found myself […]


~ Article written by Shawn Dwyer and L. Michael Hall PhD ~ If you have taken your Meta-Coach training at The Coaching Centre in the past year, then you know that if there’s any really dangerous question that we repeatedly warn about, it is “the […]