Cognitive Distortions

COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS AMONG PROTESTORS ~ Article by DrL.Michael Hall and Shawn Dwyer ~ For anyone who wants to protest something, if you want to truly win minds and hearts and bring change to a system, a community, or an organization- you’re going to have to use your […]

Seven Distinctions Of A Professional Communicator

~ Article by Dr.L.Michael Hall and Mr Shawn Dwyer  ~ While many people don’t seem to know what NLP is, the answer actually is very simple.  Most essentially NLP is a Communication Model and, Neuro-Semantics, as a development within NLP for higher quality and professionalism, is most essentially an […]


~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD and Shawn Dwyer ~ Modelling to get to first base? What is it that you’re attempting to do when you work with a client? Think for a moment how you would answer that question… Okay, here is mine. First […]

Short Term Thinking

Thinking is in Short Supply #4 by L.Michael Hall PhD Short Term Thinking – Another Thinking Disability I’ve been writing about why real thinking is in short supply and the various factors that actually stop thinking. Here’s another. Regarding a central time factor that’s involved […]

Name Calling Shuts Down Healthy Thinking

Primitive Thinking that Shuts Thinking Down All politicians all do it. At least, I can’t think of a single politician who doesn’t do it. Yet in name-calling, they are actually practicing a very primitive form of thinking. Rather it is one that is appropriate for […]

Power Conversations

~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Like sex, money, and religion- power is both highly desired and greatly feared and even more, difficult to talk about. Yet we must. Power is everywhere in life, ever-present, and inescapable. But how can we have […]

Unpacking The Depth Of Coaching Conversations

~Written by Michael Hall~ Unpacking The Depth And Finding The Critical Things In A Coaching Conversation If you start from the idea that hidden inside of your client’s statement are much deeper references, then you will more likely to slow the coaching conversation down and […]