Supportive Leadership – Part 2

In this 7 part Supportive Leadership series, we will go through the leadership skills you require to be an effective business leader, manager and a highly effective communicator. As a leader, we Support others by providing a sense of safety to a client (or colleague) through questioning, listening, celebrating, expression affirmations of belief in and trust in the client, through managing the environment and the conversation.

Why go through the struggle and challenge of learning pacing?

When you have learned the processes that you or others go through when in a good mood, or even better, in a great state, to get back to that great state or mood, all you need to do is match yourself (or the other person)!
In fact, consider the possibilities of matching yourself. Once you know your best processes and can calibrate to them, you can get quickly back to your best states. You can get back in rapport with yourself. Now there’s a thought!
To learn the art of calibrating and pacing join us in the fun filled internationally certified Meta-NLP Practitioner, where you learn the skill of Supporting to International Benchmark Standards

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