The Art and Science for Effectively Mastering Adversity

We need resilience because we live in a world where things can and do go wrong, where things knock us down, where expectations are violated, where the rules of the game can completely change, where hurtful things occur, where shocking and even traumatic things sometimes occur, where we can experience a mental and emotional shock, and where our hopes and dreams can be knocked down so that we need to re-invent ourselves. For these and other reasons, we all need an inner core of stability that gives us a sense of resilience.
To live in a full and vigorous way, we have to have the sense that we can handle set-backs and challenges. If we don’t, we typically begin living our lives on the defensive, avoiding danger and risks, fearful of what might happen, always on the lookout for problems and difficulties. Resilience is a complex meta-state that allows us to “bounce back” after a misfortune.

  • How quickly can you spring back from a set-back?
  • What thoughts-feelings, physiology enable you to access resilience?
  • What do you have with which to respond in a resilient way?
  • What state/s allow you to produce bouncing back behaviors when things do not go the way you want them to?


Resilience puts “bounce” within us giving us a sense of energy and focus. Resilience is the complex meta-state that enables us to operate from a passionate love for what we do and that puts a spring in our step. Resilience is what empowers us to quickly and immediately bounce back from set-backs and disappointments. Through learning how to master adversity we can naturally apply one state to another state in designing how we relate to events, relationships etc. When we apply self reflexivity of thought and feeling to ourself and we are able to support oursef then it is easy to move through life. And when we apply limiting and negative thoughts and feelings to ourself we can create our own sabotaging experiences where we require a different level of thinking to free ourselves of the understanding we create and that is limiting our potential.

Resilience Is

For ideas on resilience, here is what resilience means

  • The ability to bounce back from a set back, to adapt when things go awry.
  • The ability to cope and master the challenges and difficulties of life.
  • The internal process whereby we constantly righting whatever goes wrong.
  • A process of recuperation and ongoing renewal, and of self-healing.
  • The inner confidence to take risks and to courageously face changes and challenges.
  • The ongoing ability of the body, mind, spirit, etc. to recover its health.
  • The ability to “jump back, recoil, sally, and withstand shock without permanent damage.” Harry Overstreet (1954)
  • “A lack of resilience can best be understood as a lack of anything to be resilient with” i.e., a lack of resources.
  • Effectively mastering whatever pressures and stressors get in the way of our visions and dreams.
  • Not becoming traumatized by a set-back in the first place. This distinguishes it from the ability to resolve traumas and hurts, and recover from set-backs. It speaks about a soul so hearty and robust, a soul with so much “bounce” within that it doesn’t go through the traumatization process in the first place. This is the kind and quality of resilience that we’re after.

Personal Power

Resilience begins when we recognize and own the very core of our “powers” or functions. When we do this we are able to create the higher and more complex states of personal empowerment, responsibility, proactivity, taking initiative.
Among our most basic and prime states is our powers to think, feel, say, and do. These are fundamental. They establish all of the higher and more complex powers. It is also a prime power to recognize and own these core powers or functions of our neuro-linguistic functioning. The sense of “ownership” as expressed in the word, “Mine.” We do this to create our own personal Power Zone. By claiming your powers and using them, you build up a strong inner sense of accomplishing and mastery. Would you like that?

How quickly can you spring back from a set-back?

Resilience can support our well being even in situations that are uncomfortable and challenging to adapt to. Through The Coaching Centre you learn about strategies for resilience based on yourself and what you want in life. Feel the difference you can make in the world.
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