The Meta-Coach System and MCF Online

MCF online. First of all the Meta-Coach System® provides the most cutting edge communication training available in the world today for Professional Coaches and any individual or organisation committed to rich relationships and success. Also the Meta-Coach System is applied in over 50 countries. Yet the Meta-Coach Foundation is a governing body for Meta-Coaches worldwide. So training, testing and assessment are rigorously benchmarked and assessed against the international standards of the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF). Most of all, we are aligned for supporting your development and growth in the worlds most advanced models and technology in human development. Why? For actualising your highest and best potentials!

MCF Online

While being the most advanced training system in the world, the modular structure allows you to process through units or levels of accreditation right up to the level of Master Meta-Coach at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle. So it allows you to complete modules of learning face to face that are immediately relevant to your life, skills and/or business. Because we see meta-coaching as coaching at a higher level, we really want you to continue honing your skills and maintaining your professional standards. So would you like to be part of a growing community worldwide and stay current with your skills in the Meta-Coaching System?
Maybe you are a Meta-Coach and looking for an MCF connection but can’t get to a local meeting?

How Long Has Meta-Coaching Existed?

In addition Meta-coaching has been in Australia since 2002. While the Regional Director for Meta-Coaching in Australia is Shawn Dwyer at The Coaching Centre.
Furthermore, Shawn is also the International President of the Meta-Coach Foundation worldwide.
So we encourage you to contact Shawn for supporting your coaching needs whether you would like to be coached, are a Coach or want to be one!
Most of all The Meta-Coaching System has the most rigorous system to measure the level of competency in each one of the 7 essential core coaching skills.
1) Active Presence Listening
2) Caring Support: Rapport, Presence
3) High Quality Questioning
4) Meta-Questioning
5) Giving Feedback
6) Receiving Feedback
7) Inducing States
Therefore every certified Meta-Coach from our community has passed through a rigorous benchmarking and has demonstrated the necessary standards of competency in each skill.
And I compassionately welcome you to this Professional Coaching world called the Meta-Coaching System.
Most noteworthy is the Coaching standards through The Meta-Coach Foundation that include:

  • First of all a shared definition of what Coaching IS and is NOT
  • Recognition of Meta-Coaching specific Models
  • Identification and competence in specific skills through Meta-Coaching (not general types of non grounded coaching that intend to discount the high quality specific skills of Meta-coaching)

Online Support For Meta-Coaching

And now, on the first week of each month there will be an online call for Meta-coaches on Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm AEST. So This call is finally here, to register for this free call please contact us below

MCF Online is here now!

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