The power and potential of Teams: “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Every business is, by definition, a group. Therefore the success of every business is dependent upon the effectiveness of how people “team.”
Do your people really form and operate as an effective work team? Can they communicate openly, clearly, and efficiently? Have they understood how to develop the right attitude as a team member? Do they know how to work through problems together? Or are they plagued with the common dysfunctions of teams: competing with each other rather than collaborating, keeping secrets, playing politics, undermining with gossip and negativity, etc.?

Does Your Team Waste Time?

Most teams are simply not effective. And time is wasted in the groups going over petty and superficial issues. Time is wasted on meetings that are irrelevant or boring. Therefore those leading the meetings don’t seem to know how to effectively lead them, inspire people, coordinate activities, and bring out the best in every contributing member. That’s the bad news.

The Good News

So the good news is that teams can become highly effective group. It is not an easy or quick solution, but the solution is available for anyone who wants to learn the core competencies that are required. If people can work together effectively and efficiently, the business succeeds in productivity and profit. If not, the business may not even survive. Benefits that result from having effective teams are many: smoother coordination of efforts, greater precision and clarity of communication, so less mis-communication, greater creativity and innovation, increased sense of responsibility, the synergy of people working as a unified team, improved team spirit, sense of pride in being part of a winning team, and so on.

Effective Team Development

Hence, with Group and Team Coaching; to address the fact that most teams are dysfunctional, our focus is to facilitate effective group development by identifying the individual psychology of group members, then the group psychology that shows up as group dynamics, then the actual skills a leader or group coach needs.
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