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Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potentials?
The Coaching Centre’s Developmental Coaching Program is a discipline that enables you to become more aware of your current approach to situations, other people and yourself. We are going to give you an insight into what we offer, and what we don’t, through our developmental coaching program. Grounded in the elegant combination of self-actualisation and meta-coaching systemic models, our programs are designed for people who are ready for generative change, not remedial change. So the problem with most human development systems, is that it is based on therapy and not self actualisation psychology.
Other development systems do not answer How do you know what to do, when to do it, with whom to do it, how to do that particular thing and more important, why do that at this particular time with this particular person, and so they can not answer the systematic questions that people require. We facilitate your unleashing of potentials that answer these questions.
Fundamentally, therefore, you can, even under the most impossible circumstances, decide what shall become of you – mentally and spiritually. You may retain your human dignity regardless of the outside world pressures and learn.. how to be free to be me
A Developmental Leadership program cycle contains 6 individual leadership conversations ranging from 60-90 minutes each where you can see what you cant see; as we don’t see reality as it is, we see reality as we are. You will be able to step back and discover the highest frame governing the personality game in life, as a deep range of flexibility and choice comes online so you can show up really significantly across many contexts in your life.
Through our efficient systems your free intake session is conveniently scheduled at a time to suit you, without needing to travel via the use of skype, phone or you can travel for a face to face intake session if you wish.
Developmental Leadership coaching is about revolutionary change to beliefs, values and self identity. This is also an offer of the possible new way of seeing, going, sharing and checking – in relation to your coaching topic, giving key developmental objectives and practices, to develop necessary competencies.
Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potentials?
Embark on your leadership coaching program that maximises your leadership capability and personal effectiveness, contact us.