Leader Supervision

The Leader Supervision program is for those who are proactive and hungry for personal mastery at the leading edge. The Coaching Centre Leader Supervision provides you with mirror like feedback to operate at your highest and best performances. Leader Supervision progresses your goals, accelerated by leveraged precision in behaviour and delivering demonstrated results. Contact us now to secure the effectiveness in your future


The Coaching Centre Leader Supervision programs

    • Firstly develop your leading edge
    • Build professional communication skills and Leader accessibility for Leader Supervision.
    • Accelerating your communication skills for crucial conversations, including focus through facilitation skills and supporting clients, the art of listening, precision questioning, meta questioning, inducing states, giving and receiving feedback and more.
    • Improving leadership effectiveness through practical bench marking and high quality feedback.
    • Especially significant is Mentoring and Supervision for Leaders with demonstrated results
    • Hence increasing outcomes to deeply empower the quality of life
    • Growing business skills based on your professional business and responsibility
    • Most of all learning secrets and best solutions in developing systems for effectiveness in your leadership
    • Strategies for achieving highly competitive coaching skill competency past existing workplace standards
    • In conclusion the individual receiving the feedback will most likely be pleased and at times even excited to receive the feedback due to the sensory specific style of delivery, and the clear actionable steps and behaviours identified.

Benchmarks For Your Personal Growth

We understand people need real personal development that you are not able to receive anywhere else. That is why we provide Leadership Supervision so you can be supported where you are in your own developmental stage. Our Supervision is not a compliance activity based on your company procedures our program is guided by human functioning and best practice that surpasses company standards and expectations.
You will significantly improve your leadership through various human skills benchmarked at an international level:

  • Leadership principles
  • Implementing knowledge
  • Driving performance
  • Emotional capacity
  • Supporting others with care
  • Listening with open presence
  • Precision questioning techniques
  • Giving crucial feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Inducing States
  • Framing for guidance

Be in service of your best today

Our Leadership programs can be customised to last for 3-12 months depending on your required competencies.
You gain significant personal growth in areas you are unaware and you learn how to lead out in your work and life to achieve high satisfaction.

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