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Purpose-led and mission-driven organizations are transforming the landscape of business in exciting and innovative ways. Now more than ever we have an opportunity to design for impact and create new regenerative systems.
• Spots & fixes any weaknesses in your existing business model that can hold your business back from maximum growth!
• Highlights the perfect customer segments for you and your business to target!
• Gives you clarity on the best additional sources of profit to tap over the next 12 months!
• Shows you how to set the proper financial goals and objectives… and how to monitor and report on each!
• Guides you to properly expand your “company team” so you gain the benefit of leverage as your income grows! (Even if you’re a one-man show right now.)
• Arms you with the productivity system necessary to see your personal output & business double, triple, even quadruple in size!
• Equips your business with the systems to thrive and prosper so it frees you of required daily work!
• Hands you a plan and process to prepare your business for massive expansion!

Our Central West Business Philosophy

  • Believe your work is that important that it needs mastery
  • Mutual long term prosperity
  • Align all work to the high level purpose
  • Turn meaning into performance to accelerate your business growth

Understand Business Success
Learn the Principles of business expertise. In such principles we learn how to operate, act, respond, think, and feel with a high degree of understanding. You learn them through The Coaching Centre

“The Coaching Centre is about building the best businesses and organisations by design through leading edge models in business improvement and human development. Live The Possibilities
We specialise in business prosperity, sustainability and innovation.

Executive Coaching services and business programs address these needs with proven world class models for central west business people to integrate autonomy and operational excellence. We can help you whether its around one of the 5 stages in business (creation, survival, growth, expansion, maturity), or around one of the 3 main challenges all Leaders face (people, money, systems).

Call Shawn now on 0439194323 for direction to reach your highest and best potentials.

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Business Coaching To Guarantee Success

The Coaching Centre Leader, Mr Shawn Dwyer, has worked with business for over 20 years in design, growth, strategy, sustainability and people development. The Coaching Centre focus on the structure and efficiency of your business, helping you to address the key growth-related topics including;

  • Innovation and Opportunity Identification;
  • Target Markets and Marketing Strategy;
  • Sales Development, Effective Selling and Communications;
  • Digital Media; Process Improvement;
  • Managing Larger Teams;
  • Visioning and Positioning;
  • Time Management;
  • Interpersonal Skills;
  • Problem-Solving;
  • Financial Intelligence and Management;
  • Customer Service and Relationship Building;
  • Stress Management Coaching;
  • Networking and Negotiation;
  • People Management;

Undisciplined about work, follow through etc
Connect with The Coaching Centre now to empower your business

Our services include strategic initiatives for people and process to improve their effectiveness

  • Expert Business Plans
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Executive coaching – Executives & Managers
  • Leadership coaching – Executives, Team Leaders
  • Management coaching – Managers
  • HR coaching & consulting (recruitment support, employee relations, performance management consulting, etc.)
  • Professional Coaching for professionals
  • Axis of change
  • Transformational Management
  • Sales coaching & training – including in-house training & high performance sales framework methodology
  • Leadership, team and organisational diagnostic solutions and support services
  • Organisational development and change management consulting
  • Systems diagnostics and value stream management
  • Integral Sustainable development
  • Lean methodology
  • Six sigma methodology
  • Project Management

Lean six sigma

We are lean six sigma business improvement specialist and Executive Coach to support your specific needs.

Furthermore, businesses can be complex entities, unclear or give confusing signals and so it is unrealistic to assume that any one person, no matter how involved they are, can understand every mutually influential relationship that exists between different business areas, customers and suppliers. We provide you with diagnostics tools and results to show you where your opportunities are and we can support you in implementing your actions with your agreement.
The Coaching Centre can work with your business to provide workforce training to improve your leading edge.

  • FREE 9 Page Business Report For Small Business Owners


business coaching

  • FREE 9 Page Business Report For Small Business Owners

Develop your passion for an idea, product, and/or service and learn how to keep yourself inspired

Driven by something that totally captivates the entrepreneur, something that adds value and enriches the lives of others, and something that the entrepreneur envisions and then makes real. Effective Entrepreneurs can gain the following envisions and then make real
Take Initiative and Proactive
Govern and Regulate Energy
Seeing/Seizing Opportunities and managing Risks
Trusting and Believing In Your Knowledge, Skills,
Adding Value Using Systems Thinking
Setup People Systems and Administrative Systems Entrepreneurs typically develop their efficiency by setting goals that are specific, realistic, exciting and then monitor their progress on a regular basis so as to use as feedback for ever-finer adjustments


Leadership, Management, Vision and Mission

Executive Coaching is for anyone making Executive decisions. Here the focus is on leadership, management, vision and mission, grooming individuals for senior management and CEO roles. Executive Coaching can focus on performance by coaching skill enhancement in such areas as presentation skills, negotiation, career development, leadership, etc. It can also focus on developmental growth in relationships. Executive coaching primarily involves facilitating the executive’s next level of development, whatever that development is. Given that coaching is the discipline after therapy, after people get to Ok and “up to average” it is about self-actualisation. It is for those ready for actualizing yet untapped potentials. Groom for Leadership Unleashing New Potentials Dealing with Executive Relationships Step Back From Pressures and Stresses A Reflective Time A Fiercely Focused Conversation A Leveraged Dialogue Facilitation of Critical Success Factors Empowering and Executive

Group And Team Coaching

If you work with groups of people as a leader, a manager, a consultant or in some other role then there are some very important reasons why you should attend The Coaching Centre on Group and Team Coaching.

The foundation for a collaborative leader is self-collaboration.

Working with cooperation, as a Collaborative Leader and the foundation of collaborative leadership is self-collaboration. The leader who cannot effectively collaborate cannot effectively lead. Find the program hereThe Collaborative Leader

Unleashing Leadership Development

Unleashing Leadership is the call for Leadership: We need good leaders—leaders who care about people. Leaders who lead the highest and best in people. And Leaders who are enlightened enough to be effective and transformative in dealing with real live people. Leaders who can unleash the highest and best in people for adapting to the changes that are required to be effective and productive. • Are you that kind of a leader? • Would you like to be?

Nikki Cortes – Quality Child Minding
Shawn and The Coaching Centre have guided whilst assisted me through my ongoing learning and understanding of business development and general communication practices, by providing material that is simple to interpret, which I can personally relate to in my field of expertise.

Human Resources

Human Resource Advanced Professional Development

Our Continuing Professional Development is designed for various levels or HR Professionals.
Figuring Out People
The Power Of Influence
Unleashing Leadership
Leadership Supervision

A Coaching Centre coach can help you clarify your goals and get you into the right mindset for business success. The Coaching Centre coach can also engage with you to take your intentions to the next level — on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly schedule. Knowing both where you want to be in three years and what you have to do today are keys to reaching success. Contact us for a purposeful conversation to develop your business starting today. To guarantee your specific outcomes now contact Shawn on 0439194323


Operational Excellence

Mr Shawn Dwyer, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and has worked with business for over 20 years in design, growth, strategy, sustainability and people development. The Coaching Centre focus on the structure and efficiency of your business, helping you to address the areas you need. Find out more about LEAN OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

Lean For Service

Lean principles and practices are more than simply a manufacturing idea. The Coaching Centre improve service and transactional operations through lean excellence. Give Shawn a call on 0439194323

Continuous Improvement

Part of business improvement includes the continuous learning cycle. You learn by doing to improve your business through facilitative business methodologies.
Experts in continuous improvement we enhance business methodology where existing systems may not sustain the impacts for lasting change. Implementing basic to advanced problem solving tools is our passion to ensure your business comes out the winner, guaranteed.
Zenda, Dentist Practice Manager
“When I first approached Shawn, I was struggling at work. There was no system in place for me to manage. I had no idea where to start. Having gone through this workshop has given me a foundation/plan to work with. I now know how to start, where I’m at and how to keep improving. In return, this has taken away the overwhelming issues I was facing before hand, now the workplace is my lab to experiment, trial, implement, improve. From this experience, I now have a template that I can take with me and use in many personal areas but also other professional possibilities. I have come away with more opportunities at my finger tips. Shawn was very generous with his time and was able to supply knowledge in areas that I lacked. Eg in particular HR matters. He helped separate the task from the personnal so that I can now not personalise the work, focus on the quality of the procedures required and identify where staff are failing to adhere, without worrying about making things personal.”

Easy Steps

Find out how in three easy steps:

1. Take the ‘Business Questionnaire’
This will help us identify the way in which training for your staff can help you build business success.

2. Free Consultation
Once you have completed the Business Questionnaire, our business consultants will arrange to meet with you, to review the results of the check and find out more about your business.

3. Free Training Plan and Coaching Plan
Following your free consultation we will provide you with a training plan and coaching plan including a range of workforce training options, matched to your individual needs and business drivers.

  • FREE 9 Page Business Report For Small Business Owners