Resilience – Being The Phoenix

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Resilience – Being The Phoenix

You have the potential of being a highly effective resilient person so that when set-backs occur, you simply bounce back with a spring in your step and a vision in your mind. When you tap into that potential, it is not that you prevent the ups-and-downs of life, no one can do that. But when you are knocked down, you don’t stay down. In fact, with resilience you have a bounce inside so that you persist in making your dreams come true. For that undefeatable spirit, for that “never-say-die” attitude, for that power of discipline to ward off upsets and crisis, resilience gives you a fire in your belly. Resilience is the solution for depression, procrastination, for thinking and acting like a victim, for settling for less than you can be, for selling human nature short. If resilience is so powerful, why are not more people highly resilient? It is powerful and it is also complex and requires significant personal development.

Resilience is not for the faint of heart.

Being the phoenix is not for those looking for the path of least resistence. Resilience empowers people because it requires many empowerment states: ego-strength, acceptance, responsibility, unconditional self-esteem, ownership of own’s meaning-making skills, courage, and much more. Resilience also requires a strategy. You can have many of the ingredients for resilience and yet not know how to put it together so that you have that inner bounce-back-ability. That’s what you will discover here— the inner dynamic structure of resilience and how to make it yours.

Empowering Self To Become resilient

Humans are characterized by having a self-reflexive consciousness to think about our thinking, which allows us to construct lasting and permanent mind structures of beliefs, values, memories, imagination, decisions, understanding, and so on. These higher levels of thoughts and feelings shape your enduring frames-of-reference, your mental context, for your first level thoughts and feelings that focus primarily on the immediate concerns of an experience.

The change process from stage one to five to become resilient requires reflexivity thinking, commitment, and an effort to explore the more static and higher levels of our mind or meta-states. These meta-states will be more fixed and long-lasting as long as your intention persists in supporting them. The sense of security and stability that they provide can last for decades.