Group And Team Coaching

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Group And Team Coaching

We know that you as an individual have lots of potentials which are not identified, developed, and unleashed. The same is true of groups. It is true of most organizational boards, it is true of most departments, it is true of most associations, it is even true of families. In fact groups of people not only have all of the untapped potentials within each of the individuals that make up the group, they also have the systemic or gestalt potentials that could potentially come together to create more intelligence, more productivity, more learning, higher level performance and spirit than merely the sum of the parts.

Coaching a group is not the same as coaching an individual. Coaching a group means facing the challenge of dealing with multiple individuals and their psychological dynamics all at once, as well as managing group dynamics. It requires working with more layers of systems and the multiple groups each individual belongs to. However, if done well, group and team coaching can be extremely rewarding. It enables people to think, learn, and problem-solve together in more effective and productive ways. Group coaching can align teams and organizations, reduce conflict, eliminate politics, facilitate synergy, and unleash creativity. As teams are the primary building blocks of performance in companies, they are the future of organizations.