Each person is unique. We understand this, to ensure that YOU get the very best personal coaching and support.

Our customised coaching programs are designed in collaboration with you, sessions usually last for 90 minutes each.

Through a one on one coaching program you will flourish in being and becoming deeply powerful in ways that you choose and in new ways that you desire.

Coaching is outcome orientated, it supports your generative change. Coaching focuses on your strengths and lets you gain understanding into your inner values, beliefs, attributes and capabilities to realise your full potential.

Your sessions are held in a safe and caring environment and strictly confidential.

A Coach is here to support you, to facilitate the process, however you are accountable to do the work to achieve your outcomes.

A free introductory session is provided for you to get an overview of your Coaching program, where it is essential that you take some time to reflect and consider what you want to achieve both over the next 12 months and from the coaching process.

A Personal Meta-Coach will facilitate you to unleash your full potential, and reach your ultimate goals.

Coaching will enhance your life by helping you shift the frames of mind (the underlying beliefs, the values and thinking patterns) that are maintaining any concerns and then you learn how to develop your well formed outcomes.

Coaching works primarily with people who are psychologically healthy and who are ready to get on with the highest challenges in the adventure of life.

So what’s important to you? Let us know, so you get it!

Coaching with Shawn enables clarity for you to see the truths that will set you free to be yourself fully and authentically.

Through your specifically designed coaching program you will feel empowered so that you can be the best you can be!

An Actualising Excellence Coach facilitates your personal development for greater meaningfulness, success, and contribution in life. We focus on the processes that will reliably unleash your highest and best potentials. We do that by enabling you to create the most enhancing and robust meanings that will then enable you to implement your best values into the actions that make up your performances.

By modelling excellence in people who are actualizing their highest and best we continue to create new models.

Actualising Excellence focuses on self-actualization for individuals (adults and children), companies, communities, and nations. And because self-actualisation arises from the synergy of meaning and performance, we use the Self-Actualization Quadrants as a model and tool for enabling self-actualization.

Actualising Excellence enables you to win the inner game so you can achieve peak performance in your outer games of everyday life.

Our Guarantee


Our service is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your life, or your coaching is free!

Our coaches are accredited in the worlds most advanced models and technology in human development, ratified by the Meta-Coach Foundation and the International Society of Neuro Semantics.

We guarantee a personal and professional approach with proven methodologies to build relationship success!

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