Are you ready to become a coach?

become-a-coach-title-page_page_1First of all The Coaching Centre is Australia’s premier organisation for Accredited Coach training offering the internationally recognised, Meta-Coach Training System. So you will gain high quality and professional communication skills and become an effective coach today?
Whilst there are various types of coaching professions, our meta-coaching programs enable a coach to be on top of their game through the world’s most advanced models and leading edge technology in human development. So by working on the structure of experience a Coach that develops through The Coaching Centre is able to reach the clients desired goals quicker, and more effectively than what other modalities are capable of. Most of all increasing the quality of outcome as set by the client, not the coach. Seems like thats alot? Absolutely, will you get it? Yes, that’s our guarantee!

Why Use The Coaching Centre To Become A Coach?

Since coaching at a meta-level means that here at The Coaching Centre we work with people with the level of structure and process about their content. Hence, it means that the dialogue and relationship we facilitate with our people empower them to run their own brain, access their resources, and achieve their highest outcomes. We also include the 7 crucial skills for being a coach.

Most noteworthy Meta-Coaching is a meta-field. So it focuses on process and structure more than content. Therefore like NLP, Neuro-Semantics, some consulting processes, and modelling, our coaching involves identifying the structure of an experience and facilitating a person, or team, to replicate that excellence. So our expertise is in process rather than content. Another distinction is we focus on the Inner Game. As a result The Coaching Centre unites the best of Meta-NLP and Neuro-Semantics under the unifying framework of the matrix model and systemic coaching.

Coach from higher or what we call meta-levels

Because we have eight meta-models, these form the systematic framework of Meta-Coaching. Yet these are not the only reasons, there are many more reasons below for calling our coaching programs the highest quality coaching service in the region.

Especially relevant are the highest quality coaching programs for Coaches and Professionals;

Become a Coach with Meta-NLP Practitioner

Coaching Essentials Module 1 Meta-Coach System

Meta-NLP Practitioner, including Coaching Essentials Module 1 of the Meta-Coach System

Become a Coach with Meta-NLP Master Practitioner

become a coach

Self Leadership Module 2 Meta-Coach System
Meta-NLp Master Practitioner Meta-NLP Master Practitioner

Other Coach Programs

Design Coaching Confidence Coach/Leader Supervision

The acclaimed one day program – A Self Actualising LifeA Self Actualising Life

Application for Self Leadership

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